Does morning always arrive earlier than you anticipated? Have you been finding yourself wondering how most people can go to sleep fast and stress free despite the long hours they spend on studies, work and family committments every single day? If that is you looking on the other side, you are not alone.

Nothing is more frustrating than lying, tossing about, opening and closing your eyes but you are still not feeling tired. Just imagine from 12 to 2am or even 12 to 3am, you keep counting the sheep, stars or whatever comes into your mind. If you need to work early morning like most people out there, you started to feel anxious and pressurized just to sleep.

The question you probably ask is why sleeping is so hard for you when by right it should be the easiest thing to do? Just lie down, close your eyes and wait for exhaustion to overwhelm your consciousness. But there is more to it than that.

Apart from counting, turning and opening or closing your eyes, there are other tactics you can use. Tactics that could help you get the sleep you want. I said could because it may or may not work for you depending on your condition. Still there is no harm trying any of these until you find one that works and stick to it.

1. Sleep Only When You Are Sleepy

If you are unable to sleep within half an hour, you need to get up immediately and do something until you feel sleepy.

Watching TV or DVD movies are what I usually do as my last task of the day.

2. Never Force Yourself To Sleep When You Are Fully Awake

Let me ask you this. If you are full, do you have the appetite to continue eating?

Likewise, if you are fully awake, do you have the urge to sleep? It is no use forcing yourself to sleep. You only succeeded in applying  additional pressure and stress on your mind.

Believe me, I have tried that during my army days before and that is extremely frustrating.

3. Worrying About Not Getting To Sleep

If you are one of those who keeps worrying about not getting to sleep, you need to stop that right now.

Studies by doctors have indiciated that people with such probia may ended up in a condition called Learned Insomnia. This puts anxiety, fear and stress into your mind and prevents you from behaving normally prior to your sleep.

4. Do Not Keep Looking At The Clock

Doing this will only causes you to be more anxious and pressurized especially when you need to get to school or work early next morning.

5. Develop And Maintain Your Bedtime Schedule Consistently

Apart from the time you set to go sleep and wake up, you also need to have Plan B in case you are unable to sleep effectively within the scheduled time.

Once you have all these in place, just keep sticking to and do it consistently.

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