The first core principle of Absolute Leadership is to identify what you in-tend to do, and why, in order to give meaning to your aspirations.

Whatever you aspire to professionally and in your private life should define what you would truly like to become, based upon the personal values that shape your aspirations. Aspirations extend beyond business and career to all other domains or aspects of your life, such as your partner relationship and family, social and community activities, spirituality and religion, finances, health and fitness.

A critical part of aspirations is your awareness of the possibilities available to you. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and willingness to pursue them. It takes courage! If you need proof of that, just look at some of the great leaders who have risen from poverty and obscurity to take the leaders’ stage in their chosen area.

Whatever you can imagine is actually possible, otherwise you would not be able to imagine it. That in itself is good reason to use all of your powers of imagination to envisage aspirations that genuinely resonate with you, that are what you really want to do, that are truly what you want to be, that reflect the success you want to achieve, and that because they are so important you are prepared to put in the necessary effort to transform your aspirations into reality.

(The above is an excerpt from the book Absolute Leadership: The Six Competencies by Joseph Tigani)

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Tigani is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and coach on leadership, and is the creator of Absolute Leadership.