Three women have come together to share the beauty of their pregnancies, the amazing baby body and the body as a temple.
The 3 of us have created a fan page on Facebook – “How to give birth as a Goddess” – helping women to love and accept their bodies – and to feel safe in the process of giving birth in a natural way.

The key for women to give birth painfree,drugfree and with full control is to love their bodies completely – and for the men to adore their women for their gracious and feminine beauty.

This is not only about the woman – it is also about the feminine and masculine power together as the perfect foundation for the arrival of the new soul.




A natural pregnancy is such an opportunity to go deep within on every level of body, mind and spirit, and if you follow it's rhythms and compass, you too will be showing your belly with RADIANCE and PRIDE!

I haven't seen a lot of that over the course of my life so far...when I was young and would DREAM of being pregnant, I also had desires to make my own maternity dresses and gowns! I didn't feel attracted to the maternity wear the world offered us.

I didn't see a pregnant GODDESS until I read the books Spiritual Midwifery and Prenatal Yoga. A pregnant Goddess to me, is a woman IN LOVE with the birth process, from the inside, out!

I saw my first pregnant Goddess in my early twenties, in NYC. There she was just a walking down the street, proud as a LIONESS with her naked belly showing! She held her head high! WOW! I was SO FREE with her. I smiled!

Finally when I was 25, it was my turn...I WAS A PREGNANT GODDESS!

By that time fashion caught up, in loving women, and making us lovely clothes! I loved wearing dresses with an empire cut, and I did amazing with Indian wrap around skirts. I would wear them low and share my wealth (my belly!) with The Sun and Universe which gave back to me and baby, with vitamin D!

BEING pregnant with new life fills you with baby's LIFE ENERGY that makes RADIANCE inevitable, and yet often in the busy world you have to cultivate, nourish and protect your pregnancy. You can miss all the beauty, or you can be CONSCIOUS of it, and make it last a LIFETIME!


My Beautiful Baby Body by Donna Marie

As a girl in my early twenties immersed in the modern world I was preoccupied with the size, shape, and look of my body; “how will THEY see me?”, “How will HE see me?”. As a young woman in my early twenties having become pregnant, I quickly grew to know that it truly is what's inside which is important! My perspective changed and I understood what people meant by “inner beauty”.

A young girl in my world when feeling uncomfortable inside would look outside to take comfort, that is where we're told to look by everyone and everything around us. There was never anything out there telling me to go back inside to where I needed to spend some time. That was until I met the father of my baby-girl, a deeply spiritual man and a guide for many. I would love to listen to his long flowing talks, but I couldn't look to myself for love as he encouraged. I looked to him and I looked to the approval of others.

As my body changed I felt these twinges of self consciousness spike, but something incredible happened - I wanted to look nowhere else than within, it was so beautiful there! I felt whole for the first time in my life as I fell so deeply in love with an energy so deeply connected with me. I discovered self love in the relationship with my growing child, we were one and we were so beautiful. From that wonderful place I took the inside out! I would caress my beautiful baby bump, and celebrated my growing body as I was reborn as a Mother. I no longer looked to him as I did, but what I saw in his eyes as he looked to me was a reflection of how I felt within. I now saw what he saw and more, it is the most precious and privileged time to share the journey to birth with our children, our glowing bodies are the most beautiful beacons and we can all shine with pride and joy!


MY BODY – MY TEMPLE by Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

My first pregnancy was a joy for the whole family,it was natural to talk about and show the body – the wisdom of pregnancy and birth was passed from generation to generation.
The day I told everyone that a grandchild and a great grandchild was on the way ,the family gathered.
My oldest aunt (80) had brought a suitcase with “mummy-clothes” – the same as she had used for her 4 children .
I was honoured to accept her gift, which was more than the contents of this suitcase. She showed me how proud she was of her body and pregnancies, a common trait in our family.

I have to say that I too have been very proud in all my pregnancies .
I have been glowing and showing every female shape ….this is the Feminine Art of Nature – I was carrying my body as a Goddess.
As the romantic woman I am – I decorated my beautiful temple with lace and chiffon. I did not hide my baby bump.

When we are proud of our bodies during pregnancy – our children will also become proud of their bodies – because all our thoughts are transferred to our children.
In my family it is important to let the man be included in this intimacy we have with our bodies – because this is a body temple which guards the new soul…

The more LOVE it receives – the more nourishment it will give the growing life.
Mother and father have created this miracle….so it is impossible for the pregnant body not to be beautiful…

Because it is the most magical that exists in creation.
My father showed clearly how much he loved my mother, especially this happiness was expressed during my mother`s pregnancies.
And I have been blessed by experiencing the same with my husband.


In order for women to be proud of their pregnant bodies – and for men to be proud of their Goddesses – we have created an Event on Facebook, on our Fan Page
***How to give birth as a Goddess*** – from October 10 th at 10:00 a.m - until October 20 th at 10:00 p.m.

If you have been a blessed guardian of a beautiful nest, a proud father, grandparents , uncles or aunts – feel free to share nature`s beauty – your amazing baby bump, a wonderful way to welcome a new member of the family.

We are looking forward to see you on the Event !

It is going to be the most beautiful Art Exhibition ever !
Join us !

Donna`s bio can be read on the Fan Page
***How to give birth as a Goddess***


Lorinda has made a video about Venus Birth – you can view her video here:
She really needs your vote !

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
They are regular contributors on , Canada - with more than 100.000 members.
Moreover they write articles for several alternative magazines in Norway.
They live a holistic life style on their organic farm in the mountains, with home school for their children.
The children are their passion - and their vision is to improve the conditions for the children in the world.

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are healers, writers,metaphysicians and teach yoga,meditation and give lectures on self growth. They are Rebirthers,Reiki Grand Masters and facilitators for The Melchizedek Method.

" We LOVE to help people improve their lives - and to help families to live in harmony, LOVE and health.

The best thing ever is to help others to the life they dream about.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth - and it is our purpose to help parents become more conscious and support their children to bring forth their highest potential.

Life is a joy - and not a struggle...

Our experiences in our own life have shown us that conscious parenting works. We are here to serve in a truthful and humble way."
--Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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