Wedding speeches are very important in the wedding. This is because you are able to give thanks to god and it is usually a big responsibility and one should take time to prepare it. Through this article you will be able to make a memorable wedding speech.

It is important that your wedding speech is well written without offending people by the message delivered. This can be seen in Christian weddings where one could have guests who are non-Christians. You should be sensitive not to offend someone who does not share the same faith. The wedding speech is not so much different from common wedding speeches apart from the touch of faith.

What should be in the wedding speeches?

Depending on your religion the wedding speech should make reference to your faith. This involves thanks and gratitude towards the guests as well as important people who attended the wedding. The speech should also include thanksgiving to god for being able to get a wonderful bride or groom.

In Christian wedding speeches, it is important to convey how faith is essential in the marriage. This will be able show how committed the two of you are to each other. Through this speech, the audience will be able to realize and be reminded of how important it is being religious in a marriage. The speech should aim at reminding all in attendance that having god in the relationship will help overcome a lot such as temptation and difficult situations.

The wedding speech should not be taken for granted as it is a promise towards God and man. This makes it important to keep this promise as you make sure not to allow anything keep you apart from each other. In every religious wedding it is important to note that the covenant made is between you and god so as to be protected and live in love as long as you live.

It is important not to write a wedding speech using profane language. As you address the audience do not swear as this could result in people being uncomfortable. You could make the speech interesting by adding scriptures such as quotes for the bible or Koran. This makes people enjoy listening to God’s word in the union between two people united to become one.

The wedding speech should have a wonderful ending that should be encouraging. This is conveyed through messages such as you will love your partner no matter what could happen. You should always remember to be there for each other. This will move the audience into tears as you make them realize that you found a special someone that you will live with for the rest of your life.


An important point to note when preparing the speech and addressing guests is to make sure you are not too nervous. This will make the crowd feel that you gave adequate effort and time on this speech. This will make the wedding speech good to listen to and it will be memorable day for you and your partner and all guests.

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