Are you troubled by lack of sleep? Do you have a toddler in the house and is he the reason behind this? If so, then this is a problem to take care of. However, there is a sigh of relief as this problem can easily and quickly be solved. One can learn more here.

Reasons behind a toddler waking up early

A toddler can get up early to start his day for various reasons.

• Early sleep on the previous night

One such reason may be that he/she slept quite early the previous night. Another reason can be that the kid sleeps less and wakes up early. If this is the case, that the toddler is not getting enough sleep and it is a different issue. Probably medical advice can also be sought. However, if the young one is getting proper sleep, then the reason might be going to bed too early. Then the easiest and the most straightforward solution can be to try to shift his/her bedtime to a later time. Experts recommend to change it by a span of fifteen minutes at a time for a couple of days so that the child is not pressurized by the sudden time changes in sleep.

Alongside, other possible solutions are there as well. It depends on the person who is trying to bring in the change. This new methodology is to adjust the time of nap. This process works in the following way as stated below.

• Frequent naps

If the young one takes frequent naps during the day time, then this might be the case for his waking up early. The cure to this is that the number of naps taken during the day time has to be brought down to a minimum. It must be tried to be reduced as much as possible.

This process is considered to be very much effective. The reason behind this is that the child will now have less sleep. And during the time he used to take a nap now, he would play around wasting his energy. As a result, he would become much more tired and sleep for a longer time period.

But this may not be suitable for each and every one of them. Then what would they do? Let the cycle of disturbed sleep go on? No, there is also a solution for them as well. The remedy for them is to shorten the nap times. One can wake his/her child up after the young one had some sleep.

• Ensuring a sleep-friendly environment in the room

It is essential to make sure that the toddler’s room is sleep-friendly, especially during the night time. Making a room sleeping friendly is a simple task. The most important thing to bear in mind is to ensure that the room is quiet enough and there is no source of sound in there that can disturb the young one’s sleep. The installation of the blind in the room is another to keep in mind as it keeps the room dark. There are also other methods that can be utilized but maybe a bit expensive. It is not a necessity but a good option. One can fit a noisemaker in the room, which would make soft and polite music to make the sleeping experience more peaceful. Not only that. It can also cover up the unwanted loud noises of vehicles (if the house is right beside the road) to a great extent.

• Hunger

Hunger can be a significant reason why the toddler wakes up early. The child may seem to be hungry when he/she wakes up. If this is the case, then the parents must feed their children with light snacks, which may help them to reduce their hunger quickly. Such food can be light items like yogurt, butter and bread or milk and toast.

Choosing the perfect nightlights for toddlers:

Another matter to be kept in mind is how to choose the perfect nightlight for the toddlers. If the perfect one is selected according to the room size and shape, then it serves its purpose greatly. Now, the question is how to select it perfectly? No worries, it is extremely easy.
There are several nightlights for toddlers available in the market nowadays having numerous features. If anyone wants to avail almost all the features, as many as possible, then he needs to browse a little. Nowadays, these lights can be controlled by a smartphone app, through which one can set everything. They also come with timer facilities which enable them to turn on and off as set by the user. Along with that, these nightlights for toddlers also come with buttons built on their body, considering those people who, do not prefer connecting it with their smart phone.


Each and every method that I have listed above are some of the efficient and most used methodologies of the contemporary period. Almost all of them are quite simple, yet they are quite effective. They all have shown outstanding results to get the toddler to sleep longer in the morning. Alongside they have reduced the troubles that were caused by the less amount of sleep of the fussy toddlers.

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