We’re in uncertain times which means our minds can easily start thinking about scary things. Not necessarily the stuff of horror movies but certainly things that worry us more than we’d like.

Fortunately, our minds are easily distracted which is just what we need to do to get our mind to stop thinking about scary things.

Doing something to help you relax is almost always a good start. That could be a nice, long, warm bath if you’ve got the time (and the bath tub) available. Another option is to just listen to some relaxing music – you can do this almost anywhere and you’ll know the tracks that are likely to calm you down. Or you can use a more specific way such as yoga or meditation that will help shift your focus and get your mind side-tracked away from those scary thoughts it’s obsessing about.

Putting your thoughts into words can work well. Depending on where you are, that could be writing them down in a diary, talking them through with a trusted friend or even using your phone as a Dictaphone. All these ways let your thoughts escape the confines of your mind and allow them to roam elsewhere than in your head.

Another option is to pamper yourself – lots of ways to do that, even if you’re on lockdown, and you’ll probably know what pampering you’d like. Maybe including chocolate to help things along!

Laughter is another good way to release negative thoughts. Whether it’s watching a comedy show, reading a jokes site or watching funny videos, anything that makes you lighten up and laugh is good for chasing away those scary things that are racing through your mind. You could even try laughing at the scary thoughts – lots of them run away and hide when you do that.

Go out for a brisk walk – this changes your physical state as well as your physical location. If you can’t leave the house or the office, find an excuse to make a short journey wherever you are – you’re not rooted to the spot. Or even just stand up and have a stretch, lifting your head upwards in the process.

Tapping can work as well – the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses known acupressure points to free trapped energy inside your mind and body. The good thing about this technique is that you don’t have to be precise with the points you tap so there’s no need to worry about getting it wrong. The other good thing is that it works very well, which is always a bonus.

Tidy up the space you’re in. Even when the last thing you want to do is de-clutter somewhere (which is actually your mind subconsciously telling you that’s where you need to start). There’s something therapeutic about doing this, even if it’s only for a small patch at a time.

Hypnosis and listening to subliminal messages are also good ways to get your mind of something scary. Which you choose is up to you – I use either of them depending on my mood at the time – and they’ll work very well with your subconscious mind to take your mind off things.

Being grateful more often is another good idea. Even just saying “thank you” more often – whether it’s to another human or the universe.

Or you could use a mixture of these ideas as the mood takes you. That will help keep your scary thoughts on their toes which will help them fade away, back into insignificance.

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