How To Get Your Marriage Back After A Separation: How To Rekindle A Marriage During Separation

If your marriage is on the rocks at the moment, don't worry because it can be mended simply by following some vital steps to marriage separation reconciliation. Every marriage is different, but there is an answer for every troubled relationship. Even yours. Give this guide some thought and then set out a plan in action that works for your specific circumstances.

The steps to marriage separation reconciliation include the following:

1. Set Some Guidelines

Think about how long you two should spend apart. Talk about how much communication there should be between the two of you. Discuss who to involve in the separation. Should your friends and relatives be involved in the process?

2. Stay Strong and Steadfast

Once you've set your marriage separation guidelines together and begun the separation, it's important to stick to your plans no matter how hard it gets. Separation is difficult. But you can get through it. Remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is reconciliation.

3. Be Open to Change

Spending time apart is as much about you as an individual as it is the relation between you. Open yourself up to changing those things about yourself that you know could use some work. You might just inspire your spouse to do the same.

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4. Clear Your Mind

When there's conflict in your marriage, it's almost impossible to see things clearly. You often do or say things you don't even mean simply because of all the tension in the air. That's what marriage separation is for. It's an opportunity to clear your mind and sort through the issues in the marriage that are the root cause of your problems.

5. Enjoy Yourself

I bet you didn't expect to see that on a list of steps to marriage separation reconciliation, did you? But it's important. Many people lock themselves away and grieve or mourn during a separation. But what will actually do more for your marriage than anything is getting out and finding the opportunity to rejuvenate yourself and refocus your efforts on reconciling your marriage.

6. Keep the Kids in Mind

If you have children, make sure to involve them in the process. Let them know that they have nothing to do with the separation and that nothing will ever change your relationship with them. Show them that there is nothing to worry about and that the separation is just a healthy treatment for a problem in a relationship, like medicine for a cough.

7. Seek Help and Resources

Separation is hard. And nobody should have to do it alone. Whether you have the ability and opportunity to see a counselor, or you simply want the advice of experts online, you will have a much more successful separation if you find support. The How to Save a Relationship Magic of Making Up Method, for example, has helped thousands of people reconcile their marriages through detailed strategies that have been proven successful even when there is only one person in the relationship trying.

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Saving your marriage alone isn't an easy feat. You have to do all the heavy lifting, and you are not guaranteed of any result. Sometimes, it may feel as if the task is too daunting to warrant any further work, but there is a hope that they will see the light of day and jump into your arms again. Sometimes, a spouse is forced to go it alone and take care of the kids too. In this case, it is up to that spouse to have the strength of a lion to conquer the loneliness, disruption, and foolishness and see themselves and the children through to a stronger marriage. Sometimes, husbands may see the errors of their ways and come back to their wives (or vice versa). That is when it really pays off to try to go about saving your marriage alone.

Sometimes, it can feel daunting to save your marriage alone. You may find that it is difficult to hold on to the struggle and fight of saving your marriage when there are so many other things fighting for your time and attention. Additionally, your spouse may be out of it and looking for a way out of the marriage. Men and women sometimes have trouble reaching common ground, and it can be left up to one person to solve the problems of a marriage and engage the other partner in a lot of coaxing to get them to come back into the marriage. It takes enormous strength, courage, and perseverance to go at it alone, and there are some tricks and tips that you can do to make your life easier.

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Try to imagine the first things that you were interested in the marriage because. Then, try to imagine what the fruits of persevering toward the end of the marriage will be. If it is a temporary setback or mild conflict pattern dynamic, it can be well worth struggling to the end of the marriage to get through and save it alone. Additionally, your spouse will thank you. The children will also not suffer as much because of divorce.

Marriages where one partner put up a lot to make it work tend to work out better in the end because the other partner is always grateful of the strides that the other spouse made in preserving the marriage. Without sacrificial partners, most marriages wouldn't work. Without good partners to ensure that marriages worked over time, there would be fewer solid marriages over time.

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Problems find their way to even the strongest of marriages

There isn't a marriage that hasn't had its share of problems. The only difference in a marriage that stays together and one that splits is that the couple knows how to resolve their problems.

How are you supposed to fix it?

Once you have found out what the problem is, you can find out how to fix it. You can't fix something when you don't know what to fix! Talk to your spouse. Find out what they think is wrong. Then compare notes. It may turn out that what you feel is very different than what they feel. By talking to each other, you will better understand the problem(s), and can find ways to resolve them.

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Here is where the effort comes in. If you try one solution and it doesn't work, you have to try something else. It may work the first time, but if it doesn't, that's ok. You are showing your spouse that you love them, and will do just about anything to save your marriage.

Learn how to communicate with your spouse. Marriages are built on trust and communication. When you can talk with your spouse openly, your marital bond will become stronger. It won't be easy at first, but it does get easier.

At this moment, you may feel angry, frustrated, confused, etc. These are very normal feelings. As you learn to communicate better, you will begin to deal with your problems easier. And, YES, you CAN start right now, and be on your way to having a happy marriage again.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Slip between the sheets of an entrepreneur, and you end up cuddling with their business. Marry an entrepreneur and your first and biggest baby is the business. As an entrepreneur's partner there can come a point when being supportive is not easy. Maybe you feel you have to make a choice, am I in or out? It is a question that may take on many forms over time.

Am I in?

... in for as long as this takes to be successful?

... in for what could be a lifetime of financial risk?

... in for the late nights working at home?

Or am I out?

... out of patience?

... out of tolerance?

... out of my mind?

As the entrepreneur in the relationship you may not actually ask the hard question outright, but you can feel your partners response in their body language and whether or not they giving and withholding support, encouragement, assurance, all the manifestations of love expected in a relationship.

Has your business become a home wrecking mistress in your relationship? What are you struggling with and how do you fix it? Are you in or out?

This is not an easy topic to dig into but it affects a lot of ambitious, creative, hardworking couples just like you and without delving into these issues, the struggle may start on a downward spiral eventually leading to the big "D".

Hopefully if you are still reading this, we didn't scare you away with this "heavy", but important topic and you are "in it to win it" so to speak. I think we can all agree that neither building a business and sustaining a happy marriage are easy things to do, and trying to do both at the same time, can sometimes seem an impossible feat.

Henry Landes, who founded and operates the Delaware Valley Family Business Center in Sellersville, Pa., said that in a marriage where business is a priority, (the marriage) "has to be a stronger marriage than most. It needs better communication skills, better conflict-resolution skills, better specific planning skills, and a lot more resilience." OK I know, so far the outcome of all this seems bleak. But guess what? There is NO evidence that the divorce rate among business owners is higher than the average and in a study conducted by the investment advisory firm Neuberger Berman, 42% of CEOs of fast-growing startups say that running their own companies has had a positive effect on their relationships with spouses or domestic partners. The idea however is to recognize that there are obstacles and once recognized, they can be overcome!

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"Time is the No. 1 issue," says psychologist Rachna Jain. First and foremost, keeping a business going takes time and then some (as I am sure most of you know.) As a business owner, you are gone all day at work talking, thinking and breathing your livelihood and often when we go home at night, it doesn't stop. This can easily make your spouse feel neglected, unimportant or even jealous. Take time each day for not only yourself, but your spouse away from your business. Have a meal together, go for a walk or plan a date night. This shows your partner that they are still a priority and will help you to distress and unwind at night.

Its not just about making time, but making time count and recognizing each others needs. A healthy sexual relationship with your partner is also important. Recently talking with a friend, she reflected on her divorce and counseling with her ex- husband, " We forgot about one another's needs and desires and let the passion fizzle out. It is a hard thing to get back. We let all of life's chaos dictate our routine and forgot how to live and love."

The third, most touchy issue after time and attention (and sex) is... money. The ups and downs of cash flow in a business cause stress, especially when you are not upfront and honest about what is going on financially. Allowing your partner in on this part of your business, so that you can plan spending and financing together will help significantly.

Supporting your loved one is never a problem, but when you forget to set aside time for one another and let life take the reigns your relationship with your best friend it make take at turn for the worse. Recognize these signs now and kick the business mistress out of bed for a happier, healthier and more balanced relationship.

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