You've broken off for reasons best known to you, but you know the guy and what his likes, dislikes or preferences are. So if you want him back you'll know how to go about it even better this time than you did the first, so go along with these ideas and impress him back.

Smarten up

To impress him once again as though you are new to him, get a complete overhaul. Gym, cycle, jog or do whatever it may require of you to get back into the sexy shape you had initially. Wear smart stylish clothes; get your hair done differently and impress him to come back. You can find more about it at: How To Impress Him

Be a good conversationalist

Omit the earlier boring subjects you'd dwell on. Wizen up to new ideas in conversation. Include what's happening the world over, sports, politics and things that may be of interest to him. Take care not to ramble on unnecessarily though, make your conversation interesting.

Move on with life

Don't sit mopping tears! Move on with life doing various exciting things which include sports activities, swimming, partying and even educating yourself further. There's no way that your ex will not be impressed and you will stand a fair chance of getting him back.

Be friendly and cordial

Being friendly and cordial with your ex boyfriend will certainly impress him more than if you were reacting or holding a grudge against him. Show him the forgiving spirit you have which will create avenues to get your ex boyfriend back to you. You can see more about it at: Being Friends With Your Ex

Maintain your dignity and self respect

Being friendly and helpful is one thing but being overly at his beck and call is another thing which will leave a bad impression. So maintain your dignity and self respect. This will impress him better and want to come back.

Show him that your life is full

When your ex sees that your life is full of all the exciting things that you do these days and the many friends with whom you hang out or are popular with, then he'll wonder about your missing him. This will prompt him to get back to you. You need to see more about it at: How To Make Him Miss You

Keep off for some time

Now that you know that he is sufficiently impressed and is showing signs of wanting to come back, keep off for some time. Let him see that he needs to chase you now, while you claim your space. He will respect you more, for all this, yet want to come back. This is the only way you will impress him now.

When you have a long distance ex and you want him/her to miss you then you have a huge task set out for you. This is a tricky game and you will have to play very masterfully. Here is what you need to do if you want to make your long distance ex miss you.

Go silent completely
Sometimes you ex being long distance works in your favor. When you want to make your long distance ex miss you, you will have to go completely silent for a while. This silence is at first going to be a relief to your ex but later is going to get him/her thinking of you. You should also take this time to evaluate why things went south and hence, gather material to talk about when you call him/her. You can find more about it at: What To Say When You Call Your Ex

Choose the timing right to get back in touch
Once you are sure that your ex has cooled off it will be the right time to get back into the picture. At first you need to send a mail detailing that you have understood the cause of the break up and would like to patch things up. Tell him/her that being friends is more important than being lovers and that it would mean a lot if you both could get talking. Then wait for his/her response.

Be a little objective in getting back in touch
Wait it out till he/she sends you a mail back. Don't immediately respond to it as you don't want your ex to think that all you have been doing is waiting for his mail. Be objective. Let a little time pass and then mail him back. Keep it short and sweet and he/she will want to know more. You can see more about it at: How To Make Your Ex Contact You

Start off by raising the white flag
Mail him/her about why you feel your relationship didn't work out and thank your ex for helping you see your flaws. Your ex will begin to miss you as he/she will see that you will have worked on the things that made him/her leave you.

Show him/her that you are moving on
Show your ex that you are moving on and that you are no longer hung up on him/her. Talk of fun things that you have been doing and people you have been meeting. But at no point should you sound like you are trying to make him/her feel bad. Your ex will begin to miss the fun person that you are. You need to see more about it at: How To Act Around Your Ex

Slowly get a little personal
Gradually start taking a little about personal things. Take dating advice and your ex will begin to miss you.

Rekindle happy memories
Move on to talking over the phone. Talk of happy and fun things and the good times that you both had and your ex will miss you a lot.

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