How To Get Your Ex Back After Sleeping With Him: Should I Sleep With My Ex

There you are sitting alone on a Saturday nite, eating stale Doritos and watching old re-runs of Seinfeld you have already seen seven times. It would not be so bad except you have an itch, a sexual itch that is, in need of scratching.

You start flipping through your brain's Rolodex and realize other than the slightly creepy person in accounting who flirts with you, there are no real prospects on the horizon. Big time Bridget Jones' loser feelings start seeping into your every pore. Panic ensues.

Your mind wonders back to the sex you had with your last partner. Instead of remembering all the reasons you broke up, you start obsessing about their soft, warm body up against yours in your nice cozy bed.

Without thinking you pick up the phone. They answer. You try to make some small talk but it is of no use. You ask them to come over for a "drink". Both of you know that is code for, "let's have sex at least three times tonite."

Your legs raw from twitching they finally arrive. In a mad haze to rip each other's clothes off, there is little or no thought given to consequences. Your itch is about to be scratched...hopefully they will sleep over as an added bonus.

Sex with an ex. Good idea to keep your sexual juices flowing during the transition time, or bad mistake that will keep you messed up for a longer period of time. As every breakup is different, doing some analysis might save you heartache when your libido takes over your brain.

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First know you are not some freak'oid because you want to have sex with the exact same person you spent days (maybe weeks) getting all bent out of shape over after the breakup. Sex can comfortably numb the I'm-a-big-fat-loser worries, pain and panic in the short term. It is convenient and semi-reliable.

As well, yours is an established relationship so all the preamble of getting to know each other and weirdness of seeing each other naked does not exist. Your ex is (hopefully) clean of any STDs. Also you might have gone through a lot together and on some level only they can understand you.

Now lets look at the other side of this equation. Never fool yourself. As much as you want to believe that sex is simply sex and nothing more, the act of sex is a ticking bomb of many emotions waiting to go off.

To start with, count the time elapsed since your separation. The fresher the breakup, the stronger both your favorable and angry emotions for this person will be. Conversely, the longer time your relationship has been over and done with, the better chance those dormant emotions will be jolted back to life.

Be clear in this confused moment, the need for sex can be a clever cover for a need of an emotional reconnection with another human being.

If the sex is good (i.e. deep emotional connection), you may wonder why you broke up in the first place. Due to these confused emotions, it is easy to start playing the "come here/ go away" game, and moving on may take a lot longer than necessary.

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Next is being okay with the hardcore reality of your situation. Before you have sex, are you willing to reestablishing safe sex practices? Or are you in denial that your partner is not messing around behind your back.

Are you ready, in the aftermath of your sex, when your ex starts exhibiting the traits that had you breaking up with them in the first place? Know you will most likely feel empty and unfulfilled because after they leave you will again be partnerless.

What if they never call you back and shamefaced you realize you were simply their booty call for the evening? Speaking of which, are mentally prepared for the eventuality when your ex tells you they have moved on to their next partner?

If you are all right with all of this then go ahead have tons of protected sex with your ex. If not, take a long cold shower or slap on a chastity belt when you feel your resolve wearing thin. Do whatever it takes to stop you from calling them.

One great thing that comes out of having sex with an ex is the valuable lesson learned. Ultimately satisfying an urge at the sacrifice of self worth is never worth it--yes, even if the sex is amazing.

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Have you not been able to think straight ever since your boyfriend broke up with you? Do not worry about it too much. There is still time to win him back. Just clear your head and breathe for now. Once you are calm, you can send text messages that will make you irresistible in your ex boyfriend's eyes and win him back in no time. Try it!

If you come up with effective text messages that will make you irresistible, you might even be able to successfully convince him that he is the one who wants you back - not the other way around. Here are the 3 text messages that will make you irresistible in your ex boyfriend's eyes and help you win him back in no time:

1. "Do you remember the time... ?"

Of course, you shouldn't leave the punctuation marks there. You have to add your choice of good memories from the relationship that you shared together at the end of the text message, too. The goal of this text message would simply be to remind your ex why you were together in the first place. Remind him how much fun you had and try to get him to miss those times. Make sure you only send text messages like this every now and then, though; otherwise, you will merely sound like a broken record begging for attention.

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2. "You're wearing my favorite shirt."

Naturally, you should only send this text message if you bumped into your ex earlier during the day or week. It doesn't count if you saw him, but he didn't see you, though. That would only make you look like a real stalker. If you saw him at a party or in the mall, though, then feel free to send this text. This will show him that you noticed the little things and that you still think about your relationship on some level.

3. "I'm happy we still ended up being friends."

Believe it or not, this is one of the text messages that will make you irresistible in your ex boyfriend's eyes and help you win him back. This text helps because it shows that you are mature enough to accept the breakup and aren't trying too hard to save it. Besides, it would be best to forget about your old relationship altogether anyway, so you can try to start a new - and better one - in the future.

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"I just can't figure out how to get him to love me again." Has this thought been running through your mind after breaking up with a guy and discovering later that you desperately want him back? Even if he hurt you, you may still feel like he is your one true love, and you'd do anything to be in his arms again. But how does he feel? Is he still in to you? Is there a way to get him to love you all over again?

How To Get Him To Love Me Again - I Want A Quick Solution

When you want to get an ex boyfriend back, you need to be careful of quick solutions. Repairing a relationship takes time and if you allow yourself to search for a quick solution, then you usually find yourself in desperation mode. Once you become desperate, you start to do and say all the wrong things that actually end up pushing your ex further away. You start begging. You start pleading. You start telling your ex boyfriend how much you love him, miss him, and want him back.

The quick solution ends up making you look needy and desperate. Your boyfriend will never be attracted to this side of you, so it's vitally important to be patient. Slowly work on pulling your ex back to you rather than quickly trying to push or force your way back into a relationship with him. You can't force love so if you want him to love you again, then you need to accept the breakup, take a step back, and give your ex some space.

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How To Get Him To Love Me Again - Telling Him What You Think He Wants To Hear

If you made some mistakes in the relationship, you may be tempted to tell him how sorry you are in an attempt to get him to take you back. It is vitally important that you are open and honest with your ex rather than only telling him what you think he wants to hear. If you've been keeping secrets from him, you'll need to come clean before he can ever start to love you again. You must focus on the truth. If he doesn't take you back right away, you'll need to be patient and understanding rather than turning angry, jealous, or argumentative. Don't turn bitter and try to seek revenge if he doesn't take you back right away.

How To Get Him To Love Me Again - Becoming Less Available

One weird thing about human psychology is people often want what they don't have. If you're constantly calling, texting, emailing, or trying to hang out with your ex boyfriend in an attempt to get him back, then you are likely just pushing him further away. When you love him, you long to be around him, but this can actually have the opposite effect of what you want. You need to become rare and valuable because those are desirable traits. Your boyfriend will want you when he doesn't have you anymore. If you're always around, he has no chance to miss you.

Therefore, you must continue to go out with friends, meet new people, and be mysterious to him again. If he calls or asks you to go do something, don't just drop everything and rush over to see him. If he begins to feel like you're obtainable anytime he wants you, then you become less special, less unique, less rare, and less valuable.

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Most people are just not lucky enough to get their ex back after a breakup. But does luck really have anything to do with it? Want to make your ex interested in you again? Then listen up - it's entirely possible to make that happen.

The best way to go about this is to make them regret breaking up with you by showing them that you can still be fabulous without them. Nothing will send them reeling faster than seeing you out on the town as if you did not just suffer an awful breakup. Want to make your ex interested in you again? Read on for tips on how.

Basically, this technique simply requires you to do something you've needed to do for awhile - make yourself the number one priority again. And a little aloofness also goes a long way. Rather than spending your time post-break up wallowing in your sorrows and barricading yourself in your home, go out and look hot, be fabulous and have a great time. Meet up with your friends, who have likely been very eager to spend some time with you - and hit the town.

How does this make your ex interested in you again? Well, it is basically an ego thing. He or she is expecting you to be crushed by the split and thus, thrown for a huge loop when they hear through the grapevine (which they most certainly will) that you've been out having a blast, rather than pining away with a box of Kleenex at home!

There is a good chance that your ex will try to get in contact with you. This is your opportunity to really make your ex interested in you again. Act aloof and nonchalant. Even if you aren't, tell them you are busy, but still be cordial and polite. This is going to make your ex feel shocked!

Its at this time that you will know that you've made your ex interested in you again and can now do something to reconnect. Perhaps you can send a message through a mutual friend that you are willing to give things another go. Now is your chance to get them back for good.

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