There is no doubt about it, being cheated on hurts. It makes you question your self-worth, causes you to pass judgement on yourself, and it makes you feel like you are undeserving of love.

The betrayal of having your loved one choose someone else over you can seriously mess you up. Your thinking patterns change, the foundation of your identity becomes lost, and your confidence levels plummet.

You end up feeling worthless and to top it all off, you blame yourself.

This makes you powerless.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to get your confidence back and we are going to lay them out here for you. It’s time to be you again.

1. Try to Understand it Has Nothing to do With You

This is the hardest step to take and the first one you should do. Understand that when a partner is unfaithful, it is not your fault.

You are not the one to blame.

They chose to make that choice and it is ultimately their responsibility. They may have been unhappy; they may have come across a spontaneous opportunity, or they may have wanted a confidence boost.

Remember that no matter what excuses come your way, do not add to them with your own blame.

2. Combat Your Inner Critic

It is very easy to get used to your inner critic always being there. How many times have you called yourself something negative today?

You probably can’t count but know that it has happened, because we get so used to the inner critic always putting us down that we’ve come to accept it. You need to put a stop to the inner critic as it will continue to tear down your self-esteem otherwise.

Put the mental demon in its place and tell it to stop every time it starts up. Counter-argue against it with positive talk and follow through on it.

3. Surround Yourself with Those Who Care About You

For those who overthink everything, spending time with positive people like friends and family can get you out of your head and into a better environment.

Let your feelings out and tell them that you are struggling with your self-worth. They can help remind you of how great you are.

4. As Hard as It Is, Do Something for You

It can be hard to find strength after being cheated on. While it is good to cry and take time to be in grief, it is important that you do something for yourself in the meantime.

It helps the process feel less heavy, as you know that you can still grow and evolve despite the pain. Head to the gym, go out on nature walks, or even try out a new hobby.

5. Make a List of What You Are Good At

Where are you good at producing results? What abilities do you have confidence in? Perhaps you are fantastic at web design, amazing at writing poetry, or are extremely good with children.

Hone in and examine the areas where you have confidence and write them down. Review the list and choose one to jump into. This will give you a feeling of control, allow you to set a reachable goal, and act.

This can uplift you and help push your perspective towards growth.

6. Focus on Relaxing and Feeling Good

If you feel great on the inside, the outside will show it. Focus on giving your body and your mind the needs it requires to feel good.

This means that you need to eat healthy, choose activities that make you laugh, and pamper yourself.

Your natural confidence will be restored if you choose to nourish yourself with food, positive social connections, and things you enjoy.

7. Seek Professional Help

While the above tips can help, sometimes getting outside of the narrative is too difficult. If you are struggling, consider seeking out professional help.

They will listen to your entire narrative and provide you with a clear image of how you can move forward. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help.

You’ve gone through a very harrowing experience and getting an extra helping hand can certainly help you heal and give you the boost you need.

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