You probably remember not thinking too much about your health when you were a little kid. This lack of attention to health care concerns could have grown with you into adulthood and led to some deleterious effects. Instead of allowing your kids to go down the same path, integrate some suggestions for encouraging them to take their health seriously.

Healthy Foods

By forbidding your children from ever eating candies, cookies and fast food, you are probably just making it more tempting. They may eventually go off to high school or college and find themselves indulging in these items regularly. Allow such foods as rare treats now. Teach them about how healthy food can be fun. For example, your family can have competitions to see who can make the most innovative recipes with healthy ingredients. Kids can learn that healthy food can taste good too.


The thought of repeatedly running on the same treadmill or following the same workout video might seem dull to you, so it probably does to your children as well. Encourage them to try engaging and exciting activities. For example, many kids love to play sports, so enrolling them early on can help them to get in enough exercise. Also, they can become personally invested in trying to do their best and in practicing.

Dental Health

In addition to helping your kids to develop healthy bodies, you want to make sure their teeth are in good condition too. Alleviating your own fears about appointments at a dentist, such as Pedodontic Associates Inc, can prevent you from transferring these anxieties to your kids. Encourage your kids to ask questions at the dentist so that they get involved with their own health care.

Explain the Consequences

When you want children to take situations seriously, you often have to explain to them the consequences of failing to do so. The information that you tell your children does at least partially depend upon their age as you don't want to give them nightmares about diseases that are unlikely to affect them. Still though, when you notice them getting into unhealthy routines, you can talk to them about what the potential effects might be if they continue with this behavior.

Children should take their personal health seriously. You might think that doing so isn't important, but starting healthy habits early can positively affect them in the future. They can learn how to integrate these healthy habits as part of their daily routines.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.