Perhaps you’re a parent who’s a fan of rugby and you want your child to share the same passion for it. Rugby can be a little scary to watch, though, what with all the tackles and falls that occur within a match. It probably would take more than a little nudge to get your kid interested in the game. However, it is not impossible. Here are a few tips to convince your child to join a youth rugby league.

Exposure to Rugby Matches

The first thing you should do is to introduce your son or daughter to the sport. This can be done by exposing him or her to rugby matches, whether live or televised. While watching, you can explain the basics of rugby. Of course, you must always be there to supervise your child. He or she might have questions about the game that you should be prepared to answer.

Yard Rugby

Another way to get your kid involved in rugby football is to play a little yard rugby. This way, your child would be able to apply what he or she learned from watching the games. Along with the rules and technicalities of the sport, you must also show your kid that safety is important in rugby.

Enrolling in Some Classes

You might want to ask your child’s school whether they offer rugby courses for their students. This is a good way to get him or her interested in joining a youth rugby league. With friends and classmates who also play the sport, your kid might be more enthusiastic over the idea of getting into rugby. If, however, the school doesn’t offer courses, there are also extracurricular rugby programs that your child might want to try.

Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is a less intense form of rugby football. Your son or daughter might want to play this first before graduating to a more advanced youth rugby league. In addition, the chances of getting seriously injured in touch rugby are significantly slimmer than those in traditional rugby. This is one less worry for both you and your child.

There are many benefits for children when they join a youth rugby league. Apart from getting the necessary exercise their developing bodies need, they also get to enjoy the game and make new friends while they’re at it.

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