Many people from India like to visit the country of Vietnam, as there are many historical places to visit. There are many beaches and other things, which people can visit in the country.

Indian citizens can get the Vietnam visa for Indians easily. People who have a valid passport can fill the required form in a few minutes and the visa will be emailed to them.

Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders

If an Indian citizen has a valid passport, he eligible to have a Vietnam visa for Indians. There are two ways in which such people can apply for the visa. One of the ways is online which is also called Vietnam visa on arrival. Another way is to apply through the consulate available in India.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians

This method is considered as the best way of applying visa for Vietnam. All the Indians having a valid passport can avail this service, which is very easy to use. There is no need to send any physical documents if online facility is being used to apply for the visa. The form is very simple and applicants have to provide few basic details.

The details provided must match with the details available in the passport. After completing the form and submitting it, the applicants will receive visa approval letter in their email. It takes a very few days for receiving the approval letter for the visa.

Approval letter for Indians for Vietnam visa

The most important document that people need to visit Vietnam is visa approval letter along with a valid passport. People will receive this letter on their email after filling the application form.

The applicants have to provide a valid email address to receive the letter. This letter has to be given to the staff available at Vietnam airport. Physical copy of the letter should be available and has to be kept in good condition.

Visa through consulate

Vietnam visa for Indians can also be applied through the embassy in India. The applicants have to contact the embassy and take their assistance in filling the form and apply for the visa. The processing of visa takes a long time and a lot of money has to be spent to get the visa. The applicants have to send the required documents by post.

Stamping fee for Vietnam visa

Stamping fee has to be paid at the airport and this fee depends on the type of visa. This fee is separated from the fee given to the agency. Another thing that the people should be aware of is that it is to be paid in cash only.

ATMs are available at the airport from where people can withdraw cash and give it to the staff. A Vietnam visa for Indians having the validity of one to three months with single entry has the stamping fee of $25.while the same duration with multiple entries has the fee of $50.

Business visa

Indian people can also apply for business visas. This visa allows the people to conduct any type of business activity. People can expand their business to international borders.

The validity of this visa can be up to six months. People can also opt for single or multiple entry visas. The range of stamping fees for this type of visa is between $25 and $125.

Visa extension

There are situations in which people like to extend their visa and this can be done easily. People can extend their visa for 30 to 60 days.

Wrapping up

People of India can apply for Vietnam visa through consulate or online and go to visit the country as a tourist or to conduct business activities.

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