This is referred to as a complicated disorder in the development of a human body which mainly has an impact in the brain, nervous system, social well-being & the communication skills. These factors are mainly analyzed in the initial part of life up to 3 years of age.

• Symptoms:

Certain indications are observed during the first 18 months of the infant, while autistic children display the following difficulties:
1. Unable to respond properly while playing.
2. Difficulty while communicating verbally & non-verbally.
3. Problems while interacting socially.

People suffering from autism showcase the following indications which include:
1. Over sensitive in terms of vision, taste, smell, touch & hearing.
2. Perform certain repetition in the movements.
3. Extra attachment to specific objects.
4. Are unable to communicate socially.
5. Fluctuating behavior like sometimes passive & anxious.
6. Spends more time being alone, rather than being with others.
7. They are not friendly.
8. No signs of empathy.

• Causes:

This is a disorder that is completely correlated with the functioning & regulation of the brain. Both hereditary & environmental factors play a pivotal role in causing this deficiency.
1. Factors due to genetic disorders:
Many genes play an important role for causing this problem, creating improper development of the brain; some create spontaneous infections due to the presence of certain genes. Abnormal regulation of the chromosomes & deficiencies in the nervous system are common components for causing autism.
2. Environmental factors:
They may be caused due to the infections caused due to virus, certain complications at the time of pregnancy, presence of pollutants in the air.
Many other factors also lead to development of autism which includes:
A. Improper nutrients in the diet.
B. Changes in the digestive tract.
C. Inability of the human body to make proper use of vitamins & minerals.
D. Sensitivity towards vaccination.

• Diagnosis:

A pediatrician may conduct certain tests on a child which include screening test, evaluation for hearing exam. To check with the nervous system, specific tests like ADI-R, Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) & many more.

• Treatment:

The main aim is to reduce the symptoms & concentrate more on developmental & learning techniques. Some measures involve therapies relating to behavior & communication development which focuses on these concepts & teaches new methods & help to function properly in social circumstances. There are no medications recommended for curing autism, but intake of anti-depressant pills helps to work with anxiety, & several psychological issues.

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