How To Get Through First Year Of Marriage: We Just Got Married Fight All Time - First Year Marriage Struggles

A lot of married couples tend to say that their first year married was the hardest year. Those first year marriage problems like making sure the romance and dating doesn't leave, trying to get the in-laws approval, making sure sex isn't stopped by stress, and making money and financial plans.

Before couples get married, they don't tend to talk about what their role will be in the marriage. They just assume that he'll do this, and she'll do this. Things like who will cook dinner? Who will be responsible for paying the bills? Who's the house cleaner?

Make sure that you don't assume that your partner is going to be doing this or that before you get married, it may lead to problems later. Sit down and talk to each other about how you want the marriage to work. Make compromises, like who cooks dinner on this day, and who will pay this bill. Make the newlywed life work.

Money is another huge issue that needs to be dealt with. When couples don't discuss how they will take care of their expenses and set budgets, money starts to get used carelessly and then the "Blame Game" begins. When you aren't on the same page with money, set up a budget plan that works for the both of you.

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Sex. When you're married, sometimes it feels like the daily pressures of life make it necessary to negotiate sex. When the sexual desire begins to hit a plateau state, you both should talk about both of your needs and wants so that you both know how to satisfy each others desires. Sex is monumental and should not be taken lightly in a relationship.

Becoming part of the family can be a serious first year problem. While your spouse's family can be a great support system for you, they can also be a great cause of stress and anxiety. There may the mom who doesn't want you for her son, or the dad who doesn't want you for his daughter. They just aren't ready to let go yet.

You both need to establish how much input you both from your families about your marriage. Keep that respect, but set the necessary boundaries you both need for the marriage to work. When you get past these first year problems everything will be fine.

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There are certain key elements to saving a marriage that you should be aware of. You don't want to end up like the millions of others who have used divorce as a way to resolve the problems with their partners. There are better ways to go about dealing with your differences, you don't have to let the love of your life go because there is a better way.

Anyone who wants to save their marriage must realize that there is a long road ahead. Every single day you must work towards keeping your relationship together. There will still be tough times ahead, which is why you must always keep the lines of communication open with whoever you are with. The more you talk to each other about how you are feeling in the moment, the better chance you have of saving your marriage.

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What often happens between two people who are married is they let the everyday things that bother them build up, causing an unspoken tension between the two people. This in turn causes this pent up frustration to explode one day, leading to much larger problems. To avoid having this bigger problems farther down the road, the best thing you can do is to talk to your partner whenever you feel like something isn't right.

Simply hoping that your marriage will work out is not enough. You have to be willing to put in the hard work and dedication needed for your relationship to survive. Many people make the mistake of waiting, putting off these exercises because they don't think it matter, but it does. The sooner you start communicating with your partner, listening to his or her needs and wants, the sooner your marriage will be back on track. Honesty is a key element in going back saving your marriage. Without complete disclosure to your partner, those little white lies start to build up and spin a complex web of anger and frustration between the two people involved. If you want to save your relationship, honestly and communication is key.

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Let us face it, all of us at some time or the other have wanted to walk out of the marriage either for a short period of time or on a permanent basis. While this is perfectly normal and happens in most marriages, there are a lot of points to consider for divorce and it may not always be good to stop your divorce for the sake of your own mental comfort and that of your spouse.

If there are 10 good reasons for continuing your marriage, there could be 20 better reasons why you should quit. While the entire decision is personal and each of us have different reasons to stay in or quit the marriage, let us examine some of the common scenarios where stopping the divorce decision may not be a good idea.

• Many people in an attempt to save the marriage and stop the divorce, end up fighting ghosts. Kids, insecurity, financial dependence are some of the common excuses to 'stay married', when there is not an iota of love or understanding that exists in the relationship.

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• There is hardly any point in staying married just because you want to save money for alimony, court fees, etc. Divorce may be a better option rather than staying unhappy for the rest of your life.

• If you want to save your marriage just because it is too ego-consuming to grant divorce to your errant spouse, think again. Perhaps you stand to lose more in the deal.

Be that as it may, divorce should always be the last option when everything else fails to save the marriage. It takes two hands to clap and chance are that you too have your own issues that have ruined the marriage. Before pointing fingers, it is imperative that you clean your own stable first.

If the right communication at the right time helped you get married to the person you loved most, perhaps you could still rely on effective communication to bring back the good old days and stop your divorce.

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Among all these relationships, the relationship between the husband and the wife is probably the most important one as it gives foundation to the concept of society. This relationship comes into existence with tying the nuptial knot between the wife and the husband, which allows them to share their life later on. It is the responsibility of both husband and wife to take their relationship seriously and to carry out this responsibility, it is very important to have a better understanding between them.

A person needs to follow certain rules and regulations as an inseparable part of the society. The society wishes every man to live like respectable part of it. This is because man is the foundation of society it is the basic requirement of a human being as he lives his life here right from his birth until his demise to up hold the image. Many relationships happen to develop in the lifetime of a human being. All these relationships are necessary as all of them have their own importance and significance. It is always necessary for every human being to respect all these relationships.

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These days, marriage analysis services are available everywhere. This type of analysis is very helpful for the young couples to develop a better understanding towards their responsibilities. These services are also helpful for those young men and women who wish to enter the conjugal life later in their life.

Marriage counseling helped to reduce the occurrence of divorce. Couples who have gone through marital counseling generally have ability for tackling troubles they may face together. Marriage counseling enhances your consciousness of possible matters that could impact your relationship. It also proposes you to know whether or not you are really ready for marriage.

Entire topics of discussion before marriage should be of values and beliefs, development of conflict resolution skills of each other including sex and intimacy, communication skills, marriage expectations, family ambitions, responsibility relationships, child education, and family finances.

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