Are you depressed about having thinning hair despite splurging for it? Or perhaps feeling a surge of envy from women who get attention from men while you dream about awing men with your long, full, thick and beautiful hair? If your answers to these questions are all yes, then this article is definitely for you. Read on the following tips and tricks to emancipate you from such distress:

1. Get a hair trim.

If despite having used different kinds of hair lotions, oils, gels and creams on how to get thicker hair, and still you find no positive results; make sure to find other practical solutions right away. Immediately go to your local salon and get a hair trim of ½ inch. Keep in mind that if you wish to grow your hair, the very first step you need to take is to get a haircut.

2. Shift from long to short hairstyles.

To stop worrying about how to get thicker hair, know the reasons why you could be having such thinning hair before anything else. What is more, if you are sporting long locks and they appear lifeless and unexciting, then change your hairstyle from the usual long hair to a shorter one. That way, you will create an impression of having fuller or thicker hair with your new cut.

3. Try applying colors and highlights.

Did you know that applying colors to your hair can also enhance its appearance as far as volume is concerned? Therefore, you can use color treatments as well as color streaks or highlights to essentially improve the way your mane will look. Then, you will have no more worries about your hair not stopping in thinning out.

4. Opt for hot oil treatment using coconut oil.

Likewise, there are oil treatments known to stir up blood circulation in the scalp which in turn will also trigger your hair follicles to promote hair growth. With such you will be able to improve the condition of your mane rapidly. Just make sure that you apply your tried and tested essential oils into the very roots of your scalp; that way, they will be able to break through and of course, infiltrate the very cores of your hair follicles. When that happens, your mane will no doubt be thicker and fuller in volume.

5. Give your head the relaxing massage that it needs.

Soothe yourself by simply giving yourself a deep massage in the scalps. Make it a point that you will carry out a massage several times in a week. You will absolutely be amazed and at the same time delighted when you find out how effective this simple technique can be on how to get thicker hair.

Bottom-line of all these is, do not waste your time and money on hair products that actually never worked and will never work for you. Follow these simple instructions, top with additional dietary supplements that can make you stay healthy and shrink all your stresses and you will see how doing such can wither your hair maladies in no time at all!

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