Search Engine Optimization is commonly known as Search Engine Ranking or SEO. To stay alive with success in the world of website content writing, you have to implement many steps to help you increase your ranking. We will discuss a few tips that would help you to do the same.

Always provide 100% Original SEO Content

Well, this is something that cannot be taught. You must already know this if you taken up the role of a blogger or a writer. Your content writing should be 100% original SEO content and should be free of any duplication. There is software available in the market that you can use to check for any duplicity. Do this regularly. Also keep updating your articles at regular intervals. Add and remove new and old items respectively.

In content writing there are many software available in the market to check for duplication. One of these is Extreme Content Checker. This is a very basic application wherein you can find the percentage of duplication with ease. You can also verify the percentage of keywords used in your article. Almost all article directories allow only a certain percentage of the article to be keywords. Therefore you have to be very careful about the keyword percentage in your article. The article directories can cancel your article if the keyword percentage is high.

Check the Load Speed

You must work on your page to improve the loading speed of your blog. It should not take ages to load. Keep only what is necessary and remove the rest from your page. This would help in increasing the speed of your blog.

Utilize Social Networks

Use the social network to the fullest. With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networking sites, they have become a haven for marketing business. In content writing as well, the scenario remains the same. Make others see what do rather than waiting for them to search and get to you.
Create a Mobile Version of your website or blog
Make a mobile version of your blog. This is to cater to the readers who prefer to use the mobile phones rather than a computer. You must have the exact same content in your mobile version as in the original version.

The Link Structure: Convert all URLs to static to make website more user friendly.

You must convert all URLs to static ones so that it becomes more user-friendly. This would help your blog attain search engine friendliness as well. Avoid making your Content Management System too complex.

Use your keywords cleverly

Your keywords are a key to your success. Using keywords correctly and effectively is essential in any form of content writing. Make sure the keywords that you use to get ranks are used in the text as well. Tip: use phrases as keywords.

Engage with your readers, know what they want

Have regular conversations with your readers. Leave a spot in your page where the readers can leave their comments or feedback. Communicate with them regarding the same. This would make them feel important and you always feel good to come back to someone who gives you importance.

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