Did you know that statistically, 1 in 7 people have previously consulted with a psychic? Many people engage psychics for advice on relationships, career, finances & spiritual development to name a few.


There are many benefits in working with a psychic vs other common advisory professions:

> Anonymity & Confidentiality – No need to provide any personal or medical history
> Convenience - The ability to schedule & work over the phone vs traveling to an office
> Cost Savings - After info is received, no need to schedule successive sessions


As in all professions, you will find varying degrees of capability, passion, and commitment to helping others. The psychic field is no different. While most of what we learn in life is through trial and error, the majority of people who seek psychic readings are intuitive themselves. Trusting your own intuition is key in finding the best psychics and psychic readings.

1. Trust Your Own Intuition when Selecting a Psychic

a. Trust Your Intuition on Any Psychic Referred to You

If this is the very first time you needed a plumber, wouldn't you ask friends who they've used in the past with good results? For your first reading, being referred to a psychic by a friend who can attest to their level of accuracy may be your best bet.

However as with all choices, trust your own intuition. Ask yourself, “What do I intuitively feel about this psychic who was referred to me?” Trust your first reaction. What may be good for one person, may not be good for all.

b. Trust Your Intuition on a New Potential Psychic You Feel Drawn to

Over the course of your lifespan you have been drawn to very different people, places, and experiences simply due to the evolutionary needs in expression of your soul. It is illogical to think your 1st Grade teacher was less important than your High School or College Professor.

If you think about it, each teacher was simply “a reflection” of what information and learning experiences were necessary for your soul's development and expression at that time. As you go through life, your soul draws you to people who may benefit you through synchronicity.

Therefore, be open to synchronicity and take a “test drive” with a new psychic you feel intuitively drawn to. You may find some wonderfully refreshing insight that past psychics couldn't provide by choosing a new yet unfamiliar psychic.

2. Select a Psychic Who Doesn't Use Props of Any Kind

The best psychics find tarot cards, pendulums, or props of any kind unnecessary. The best psychics describe themselves as Clairvoyant (clear-seeing), Clairaudient (Clear-Hearing), or Clairsentient (Clear-feeling). Clarify prior to the reading they won't be using any props of any kind, and will rely only their own intuitive senses.

3. Choose Psychics Who Provide Reasonable Rates

Especially for your first reading, select those who offer "reasonable" rates ($75-$150/hour is the norm). Understand that others' higher rates may simply be due to a business model of having larger numbers of clients or media exposure which may have increased their rates but, not necessarily the quality of their work. Higher rates do not necessarily mean higher quality.

4. Seek Psychics with a Counseling Background

The best psychics are those educated in counseling. Each of us is more of an emotional being than we wish to admit. We often make choices first by emotion, and then later support such choices by rational fact. The best psychics have counseling backgrounds which allow them to provide messages in the most helpful manner to your unique life, personality, and life circumstances. The best psychics have a counseling background and can therefore help you attain both peace of mind & achieve your goals.

5. Be Skeptical but Open

Most people who don't believe is psychics in fact used to believe in Santa Claus. It would be difficult to argue that your personal beliefs across your lifespan have also remained unchanged since childhood. Become aware of how a healthy level of skepticism can both protect, yet also limit you.

Note that the best psychics would never claim 100% accuracy. The best psychics will explain that there is a “normal margin of error” due to the need to interpret very subtle energy forms of information received and the general lack of knowledge about your specific life. However, as a general rule, a good reading should result in you concluding it was 80% specific, accurate, and helpful. Of equal importance, realize that “often” the 20% that didn't seem to "click" at the time of the reading, may in fact do so, in the short-term future.

6. Only Pay for Time-Based Services

Never pay for anything more that the psychic's hourly time; ie: no services such as clearing of dark energies, love spells, etc. The overwhelming majority of fraud in the news is tied to such services and unfortunately, gives the best psychics an undeserved bad name. Go with those who provide transparent hourly rates up-front simply for their personal time involved. In knowing that this is the only real pitfall, essentially, now you have nothing to lose & perhaps some very helpful insight to gain.

7. Engage Your Own Intuition During the Reading

Use your own intuition in selecting from the "buffet" of information provided. Connect to what resonates with you and let go of the rest. Ultimately a good reading should provide you with specific information that connects to you intuitively. If you are getting at or above 80% resonance on specific information provided, that is a very good reading. Who knows, often the other 20% may be in your short-term future.

8. "Take Action" on Advice that Resonates with You

All readings are about what can happen in the future with necessary actions already taken. Some clients will respond to a reading “Wow great psychic reading. Do I have to do anything?” As with all advice, “taking advice” isn't enough, “taking action” is. It is by “taking action based upon good advice” that accomplishes what you want, allows your soul to grow, and results in feeling at ease.

The best psychics are 100% committed to helping you grow by providing the most accurate information from your Spirit-Guides so that you “yourself” may make better choices and “take action” to achieve what you wish to.


If you follow the above, you will find the best psychics who are wonderfully capable, passionate, and who may even surprise you with their quality of psychic readings and help.

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Author's Bio: 

Mike Schopp is a Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Counselor with 20+ years of working via Phone & Skype and offers a “Money-back Guarantee” on all readings. He has been a “guest psychic” on radio and has provided entertaining spiritual, psychic, & mediumship development courses & presentations in China, Thailand, England & USA. Educated at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Mediums in Essex, England and the California School of Psychology, he blends channeling with his professional experiences in counseling, career assessment, and organizational development to jump-start others to identify & achieve their soul's dreams.

To learn more, including an online Video: www.PsychicMike.com