A PC Monitor is large part of your computer experience which you use throughout a day. It affects you visual experiences for gaming and even for simple web browsing. However it is also observed than most people ignore this simple fact and never care about the performance of the monitor. They simply take the monitor out of the box and start using the computer as it is.
It is necessary to fine tune your monitor as it can affect you eyesight and can also improve your productivity and concentration.
Just follow the below mentioned simple tips to get the best performance from your computer:

Step1: Keep a fine point to it
Never try to change the brightness or any color settings of your computer screen until it completed 30 minutes switched on. Once the computer screen is set and ready to be used, start with adjusting the color depth, monitor resolution, and the refresh rate settings available in Windows.

Step2: Set the appropriate color temperature
The white light you see on your computer is not actually the pure white color. It can be any range between bluish white to reddish white. You must choose perfect color temperature which suits your eye. The default color temperature comes in 9300 K from the factory manufacturing which also caries blue bias. The number of temperature represents the color of light given by an object heated.

Step3: Choose perfect Brightness and contrast settings
Most of the time you may find an in-built tool to manage all such display settings provided by the Videos card manufacturer like Intel, nVedia, etc.
However if you don’t have one then you can always download some free tools to manage the video settings like Displaymate.
Brightness settings can be used to make proper display settings related to darkness, black light of the monitor. If you set it lower than required then you will see dark or grey shades and if you set it too high then even the darkest black object on screen will appear grey.

Step4: Choose an appropriate color profile
Colors appeared on you printout of papers are different than those appeared on your computer screen. This situation can create blunder at time when you are into graphics and designing field.
To remove such errors, we have a tool called International Color Consortium (ICC). It is a free in-built Windows operating system tool.
Each device has its own color profile which can be checked under Color Management settings.

All these settings are present in your own computer and all you need to do is to just use these features to make a perfect visual experience from your PC monitor.

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