Kabbalah readings – not just for celebrities!

We have all read the media reports that highlight the everyday activities and beliefs of celebrities, including those who wear the thing red string on their wrist, part of their Kabbalah religion. But not many people truly understand this strand of the Jewish faith, with many being understandably reticent of the something they do not understand.
What can you expect from Kabbalah readings?
All of us, whether we believe in a deeper subconscious state or not, are guided by spirit beings, from guides that take the shape we know as a human body or, in some cases, an animal. Many cultures believe that the earth itself, along with natural formations such as mountains, valleys and rivers also hold spiritual keys. Some of use may be more ‘tuned in’ and receptive to these messages than others.

Kabbalah readings are a way of tapping into these messages and their accuracy is second to none but, like all readings sought from mediums and psychics there are key aspects that must be borne in mind to get the very best reading possible…

• Openness and honesty
Readings and interactions of any kind, not just Kabbalah readings, need you, the client, to be open and honest. Healthy scepticism is fine but not if it closes your mind to the endless possibilities that readings offer. Without a sense of humility, you will not be able to access the interpretation of these messages but rather will be spending you time looking to refute suggestions.

• Your questions
Kabbalah readings are more accurate and more informative if you, the reader prepare yourself prior to your appointment, whether this is a face-to-face meeting or over the phone. The more focussed your internal and subconscious mind is, the more you will feel the benefit of such a reading. The best to prepare is to list your questions; what specific answers are you seeking?

• The reader’s questions… or not?
Exercise caution too in choosing your medium or psychic (although some people suggest that Kabbalah readings are not a skill or ability open to all). Don’t be frightened to ask for their experience of such readings and what you can expect. Mediums and psychics may need to seek clarity so they can decipher messages the messages they are being bombarded with, hence to say if they ask questions that are not real is ludicrous! But, too many questions seeking the smallest detail may be a sign the medium or psychic is struggling… or not who they say they are.

• You control the reading
You have sought the reading for specific advice. You may have several subjects on which you need answers and ideas how to change your current situation. You may also be seeking messages from certain departed loved ones… do not let Kabbalah readings become the domain of the medium or psychic. Be guided by them by if they seem to veer off subject all the time, you simply must ask them to focus on the areas you need them to work on.

Of course, this is no substitute for understanding that the other side may be attempting to communicate something so strong that your subconscious may not have alerted you to the fact yet! Do not swayed by the celebrity fixation with Kabbalah alter your perception to it as you could gain so much from these readings.
Prepare for this reading and others before hand, and the information and guidance you seek will be shared with you.

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Rachel is a freelance metaphysical journalist, and recommends the following websites which carry a high calibre of clairvoyant readers with years of experience.