There are several occasions when you find yourself in condition where you forgot the administrator password and need to login to the windows. In these circumstances you can easily get access to the windows without having password. There are two specific ways to enter into windows without any password such as first one for the XP users only and next one for the Windows 7 and vista users.
First method:
If you are using the windows XP operating system on your computer and want to enter into windows without having administrator password, you follow the systematic process

  • Initially run the computer on Safe Mode.
  • Once you run it on safe mode, you will be having the different user name on the logon screen which might you have never seen before.
  • Simply this one is the key to enter into windows as the administrator level user
  • Once you are inside the windows you can use the control panel to set the password for this backdoor access easily.

How simple it is to have access to the Windows through the backdoor without having administrator password.

Second Method:
This method is for the Windows 7 and vista users or when the backdoor is already locked. This process is quite complicated and requires to be followed systematically.

  • Initially, you are required to have the Ubuntu Linux CD which will be sued to remove the administrator password.  You just need to install the latest version from the net.
  • Download the ISO file. Usually windows will start respective program for burning the CD as simply copying the ISO file will not work.
  • Once you created the CD, just boot the system and click on the Try Ubuntu button.
  • Here you have to install the software. You will get options on the interface to be followed. Navigate to System> Administration>Software sources.
  • Now tick mark the two unchecked box in resulted windows screen thereafter reload the software
  • Once you are done, choose the System>Administration and Synaptic Package Manager
  • In the resulted windows search the chntpw file which will be appeared on the list to select. Simply click and install it. Now click on the Apply toolbar option and wait until the installation finish.
  • Now choose your drives such as internal drive or partition of websites for mounting it. Once you are done with it, a File Browser Tab will be opened on screen like Windows explorer.
  • By double clicking on the folder option you will be reached to the drive Windows\system32\config folder.
  • Now you are about to remove the password. Navigate to the Accessories> Terminal from the main menu. It will open a black color windows on screen like DOS
  • Type CD\media\ in terminal section and complete path of your config folder.  Make sure it’s case sensitive so type the path name properly.
  • Press enter and type in resulted window sudo chntpw-logon SAM, here logon is the name use for the administrator account. Once you press enter the process will be completed.

Now press the power button to reboot the system and this time it will not prompt any password.

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