This article outlines some of the key benefits of adopting a stock control system based on barcodes in a warehouse or distribution business. It also suggests an approach to investigating in implementing such a system.

How to get started with a Stock Control system

Barcodes can be found everywhere from UK driving licences to every product in the local supermarket. If you are running a small business then you may be wondering if bar-coding can help you in any way.

If your business involves warehousing, distribution or retail, then the answer is almost definitely yes. The problem is often not that bar-coding is needed and will deliver very significant benefits, but how to get access to this technology and make it work in my business.

A typical stock control system can be expected to deliver a number of business critical benefits to any distribution and warehouse business. These include the prevention of delivery errors and accurate stock control. In addition there is a very significant benefit gained from the level of management required to accurately dispatch an order.

The above benefits may in fact be so important that they may be limiting the growth of the business. If the business is an internet trader for example, poor delivery performance can often result from bad feedback from customers and this should be avoided at all costs. The rapid and accurate dispatch of orders can be of critical importance to these businesses.

The biggest barrier to companies adopting this technology is often just a lack of knowledge as to how a system would work for them. This can be easily solved by undertaking some internet research. A good place to start would be

The other barrier is the existing systems that already exist in the business. Very often this is the accounts package. In the UK, the market leader is Sage 50 Accounts and many companies using this package are trying to get by, while not realising that there is a simple path to obtain accurate Stock Control and increased warehouse efficiency. This is especially the case where Sage is being used to process retail sales at a trade counter. Stock Control software should be expected to closely integrate with the existing accounts package. This then greatly simplifies the commissioning of the system and the training of the warehouse and accounts staff.

Having review what is available, then the next step is to contact a supplier and start talking. A detailed conversation and visit from the supplier should then ensure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

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Hugh Smith is owner of ES Consulting providing barcoding solutions for over 15 years. ES Consulting offers sage barcode solutions like stock control software solutions, inventory control software solutions for your warehouse management system needs.