Do you really prefer to be unhappy?
How do you think, you can change your unhappiness?
Do you want to know the reason of your unhappiness?
Do you know where you can get self help to be happy?
None of us prefers to be unhappy. Feeling unhappy makes everything worse. Imagine a day; you wake up happy in the morning, everything is fine, there is no problem around you but suddenly you find yourself unhappy. You don’t know the reason, you cannot figure out why. You become one of these unhappy people. You didn’t prefer to be but you couldn’t escape either.

You need to do something to protect yourself from being unhappy without a reason. There can be a lot of factors which make you unhappy but if there is no reason for being a part of unhappy people community, you don’t need to change your life but change your mind, actually your wandering mind.

Before I learned how to control my mind, I used to find myself unhappy too often. I was one of these unhappy people. Although everything was going right, I was unhappy and sometimes angry and I couldn’t understand why. My emotional changes also affected my loved ones. I thought I was creating reasons to be unhappy. Actually that was right. I was not doing that consciously but my wandering mind had that ability to do so.

Psychologists from Harvard University; Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert reported that our minds spend 46.9 percent of its waking hours making us unhappy. How? When we are awake unless we are thinking consciously, our mind is wandering and thinking about anything that is not related to what we are doing at the moment. They reported that it’s like the default mode of our minds and this makes us unhappy.

Source: Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

How can you be happy while your mind cannot taste the moment and busy with what if?

We generally think that our mind is too busy about our problems that we don’t have time to concentrate on any subject or we don’t have chance to think about anything else but our problems. Actually it’s not the case. Yes your mind is busy but not with your current problems. Unless you lead your mind, it works on default mode. When you are not consciously thinking about something, your mind is just wandering and creating scenarios about the past, present and future. Unfortunately these scenarios are more like a tragedy or horror movie than a comedy.

Now please take some time to listen to your mind. Especially when you feel unhappy and don’t know why, try to focus on your thoughts. You’ll find that before you felt unhappy your mind wandering without your control and it was thinking about anything that has no relation with what you are doing.

Have you ever tried to point what your mind is thinking at the moment?
What’s your mind doing, when you are not leading it?
Are you unhappy because you have problems or it is your mind making you unhappy?
What’s the problem with your mind?
Is it taking revenge?
What have you done so bad that your mind is your enemy now?
This is really simple to answer; you left your mind alone. Now that you know the source of your unhappiness, you can get self help from the source itself.

I must confess that, trying to control your mind all the time is much more difficult than you can imagine. It needs too much effort to get back control of your mind.

Not every moment of my life is interesting enough to keep my mind on the subject for a long time. So, I tried to focus on a mental Picture of my dream holiday with my family. You can also choose a Picture from your imagination.

If you choose a Picture of your dream life, it will also help you achieving your goals. But you must keep in mind that your visualization should be something you really want, something that makes you happy. I advise you to choose the same Picture every time till you learn it because if you give your mind a chance to choose, it will again start wandering between options to choose the best.

As soon as you notice that your mind is wandering, visualize something you choose and lead your mind to focus on that instead of wandering. Believe me, it worked well on me. Just try, I’m sure you’ll stop your mind wandering. Where can you get self help better than your own mind?

Author's Bio:

Nil Celen is a researcher for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources. Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics can give you a new perspective about "Mind Power" and how to use it.

The more you “know” scientific proofs about “mind power”
The more you “Believe”
And more and more you “Succeed” in life…