If you have an old and used vehicle and are in a conundrum as to how to dispose of it, then this is a must-read for you. There are easy ways to get rid of a vehicle but to get rid of them safely is another question after all.

There are many places and people who assist you in getting this done for you hassle-free. A vehicle is not just your domestic garbage piece that can be thrown anywhere without any care. Junk vehicles may either be recycled or properly disposed of in a landfill in which it is allowed. It is pertinent to know that all landfills do not and cannot accept junk vehicles. Therefore, you need to contact certain reinforcements to get that done.


This is the first place one might think of for disposing of their used vehicles. Junkyards usually offer you money for old junk cars. These prices are more often than not very low and that is before you pay for the cost of towing your vehicles. Many times it so happens that your car has many upgrades and features that have already increased its value. The junkyards get those items almost for free. You often get so bogged down by the desperation to get rid of your vehicle that you ignore the value it possesses. So, it is a gentle reminder that doesn’t get rid of your vehicle in a hurry and make the job of the junkyards more profitable. Take time, assess your vehicle and then get rid of it. Get a price worth your vehicle.

Assessing your Vehicles

Often you get into the conundrum about whether what you are getting back an apt price for your vehicle. Many companies around the world offer services in which a group of experts specialise in valuing your vehicle. They even value imperfect vehicles or cars which are in very poor condition. They use certain price tool to determine a fair price. They also come to your home to take up the vehicle and you don’t have to spend additional money for that.

Private Sale

You can also think about the private sale of your vehicles by listing them up. This type of sale fares more money for your junk than what they offer at junkyards. The problem with this method is that you never know the working of a private sale and you might even get stuck with your unwanted vehicle for longer than expected. Also, you cannot blindly trust the buyer and offer your vehicle. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to go into so much trouble to get rid of a junk vehicle.

Vehicle Wreckers

If you have an old vehicle, you can’t wait to get rid of, it’s best if you turn that vehicle into cash quickly and easily. Car Wreckers in Adelaide offer cash for damaged, scrap and unwanted cars. They do not care whether the car is in a working condition or not. In whichever condition your car is, they provide cash for the same. They also provide free-on-spot inspection for trucks and don’t charge any additional money for towing or assessing the same. It is trusted and relied on for trouble-free removal of your unwanted and damaged cars and trucks.

Car Donation

This is one of the most popular methods of disposal of your junk vehicle. Car donation offers a noble alternative to scrapping your vehicle. You are offering your vehicle to a particular charity. This method, therefore, has an altruistic motive behind it. They mostly accept vehicles in any condition but sometimes they also may not. But one should be aware of scams and frauds in the donation system.

All these methods are ways in which you recycle your vehicle rather than storing it unnecessarily in your garage longer than you want. As seen above there are people and teams who will do this job for you. You need not go through a lot of trouble to assess the vehicle and then sell it off. These ways are better than actually wasting away your vehicle elsewhere. This way at least you get cash for that unwanted vehicle.

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