How to Get Rid of Urinary Track Infection in Summer?

As the weather warms up, the incidence of urinary tract infection increases significantly, especially among women. Although urinary tract infection is a “minor disease”, which can be completely cured in the early stage, if there is no common sense in this regard, it may not be cured, “a painful topic” makes people painful. Here is a brief overview of how to effectively prevent and treat urinary tract infections.

1. Diet habit: light food, daily water intake should be more than 2000ml and urinate once every 2-3 hours, which is the most practical and effective way to prevent urinary tract infection.

2. Hygiene habits: pay attention to the cleanliness of the genitals, often take a bath, often change underwear. Avoid the cross-infection caused by public bath, public bath articles, public toilet, swimming pool, etc. Women in the menstrual period, pregnancy, puerperal vulva health is more important. Before and after sex life both should clean vulva after sex should urinate in time. Avoid extramarital sex and reduce urinary tract infections associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Living habits: regular daily life, active exercise, enhance physical fitness, prevent colds, avoid staying up late, avoid overwork, and maintain a good mood.

4. Removal of susceptibility factors: active treatment of chronic gynecological diseases, urinary obstruction or deformity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, liver disease, tumor and other diseases prone to urinary tract infection. Avoiding the use of hormones and immunosuppressants is an important measure to prevent a recurrence.

5. Avoid sex during the acute phase of urinary tract infection and within a week after treatment.

6. For female patients with recurrent urinary tract infection, their husband should also be checked for diseases such as prostatitis and urinary tract infection. It is recommended that couples should be treated together.

7. Patients with urinary tract infection need to apply antibiotics reasonably according to the doctor’s advice and have enough treatment courses. Do not stop the medicine at will. Otherwise, the infection will recur or persist, turning into chronic inflammation.

Patients can use herbal medicine treatment, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have treating stranguria effect, which can effectively relieve the urethra, bladder irritation symptoms, make urine usually, bladder volume recovery. The formula of plantain seed can be treating stranguria, wet seepage anti-diarrhea. Dianthus superbus can dehumidify with water and activate blood circulation. Polygonum aviculare can benefit water and heat, dehumidification and sterilization.

The rational compatibility of various medicinal materials can relieve urination and relieve drench, and effectively relieve and eliminate the symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination, unclean urination, and burning urethra. It can cure urinary tract infection, make it no longer recrudesce.

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