Stretch marks are the after effects of pregnancy or unhealthy weight loss. Sudden weight gain might also result in stretch marks. Many people worry about these marks as they result in severe beauty issues. You could reduce the appearance of the stretch marks by following certain natural techniques.

Tips to diminish the appearance of stretch marks:

· Brush your skin regularly to excite the blood circulation. You could use a skin brush for this purpose. This also helps in removing the dead skin in your body.

· Apply cocoa butter mixture on to the affected areas. Massage thoroughly after the application. This is a highly effectual in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

· After your bath apply the vitamin E oil on your skin. Rub the affected area carefully after applying the oil.

· Take care to eat food rich in vitamin A, C and E. this must be included in your diet to lessen the appearance of these marks.

· Food products that contain more zinc should also be added to your diet to protect your skin and gives a natural glow. Soybeans, green leafy vegetables and brown rice are the food items that are rich in zinc content.

· Eat more vegetables and include fish oils and vegetable oils to your diet to increase the consumption of food rich in essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are necessary for making cell walls.

There are also certain herbal products that comprises of different natural herbs, which helps in removing the marks completely from your body. You could also try them for effectual removal of the stretch marks.
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