Puffy nipples are very irritating and can completely damage your look. For a man to have puffy nipples is also considered as a very embarrassing situation, as a person can completely loose the confidence to be shirtless every again. There are two main causes for puffy nipples; one is that they are caused because of fatness and other is that they are caused because of hormonal imbalance. Most of the doctors will recommend you go for surgery to take care of the puffy nipples, but beware there are many different ways with which you can take care of the puffy nipple. Some tips below can answer your how to get rid of puffy nipples question.

First and foremost thing that you should do is determine if the puffy nipples are due to fat ness or because of hormonal imbalance. To check this, you should put your two fingers on your nipple and press it. If you feel a tissue move, then it’s because of hormonal imbalance. If not then it’s because of at deposits.

If this test is not conclusive, then next thing that you can do is go for a hormone check-up test. There are two main hormones which cause this condition one is lower levels of testosterone, and other is a higher level of estrogen. Only hormone tests can give you a conclusive proof if your testosterone levels are lowered or not.
There are few things you can do to ensure that you do not get fat nipples.

Lose weight
Weight loss considered as a perfect treatment to take care of the puffy nipples. When you gain weight, then there are chances that there will be excess fat deposited on the lower part of your chest which can cause your nipples to get puffier. Another very good way to take care of this is that you should start training with exercises which can make your upper part of the chest flatter. These exercises can be the perfect way to ensure that you puppy nipples are taking care of.

Switch to high Testosterone Diet
Lower levels of testosterone are also responsible for puffy nipples. Testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for vitality, sexual drive, and masculine feel. If your body has reduced testosterone levels, then it can cause a lot of harm to your body and should be taken care in a very effective manner. One should also restrain from products which have high sodium content as they can also further cause your nipples to look puffier.

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