How To Get Rid Of Panic Attacks Without Medication: Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

More and more anxiety sufferers are overcoming anxiety without using medication. You'll discover here why diet is one of the most effective natural ways to help overcome anxiety disorder. First, let's look at why more and more anxiety sufferers are turning away from drug-based medication towards natural ways of overcoming their anxiety.

The usual medications prescribed by a doctor are anti-depressants to help regulate mood, tranquilizers to help calm, and, beta-blockers to help control the physical symptoms of anxiety and anxiety attacks.

And these can work well when accurately prescribed and followed to the letter by the patient. So why do so many folks prefer not to take anxiety medication? Mainly, it's because of their pretty severe side effects that include dependency issues in some cases. And also because these medications don't work for everybody.

[Now, a word of caution here: Do not stop taking any medication for anxiety without consulting your doctor first. If you suffer any bad side-effects from your medication, go to your doctor immediately and discuss the issue with him or her.]

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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So to natural ways of overcoming anxiety: The objective is to reduce your stress and anxiety levels as much as possible. Now, when you suffer from general anxiety, and perhaps regular anxiety attacks as a result, you might think this is difficult. And it can be. But there are natural steps that you can take to help you do this. And one of the most important and effective is your diet.

The key here is to use a healthy diet to help relieve fatigue, stay hydrated and build up your auto-immune system, etc. Poor diet does the opposite and so can make it very difficult to overcome your general anxiety. Here are some important dietary measures you can take to overcome anxiety...

1 - Stay well hydrated by drinking at least 12 x 8oz glasses of water per day. Also drink 100% natural fruit juices.

2 - Ensure you eat plenty vegetables and fruits.

3 - Eat meat sparingly, just enough to provide enough fat and protein.

4 - Consume plenty of complex carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal, etc.) to help balance your blood sugar.

5 - Make sure you're getting enough essential fatty acids (tuna, salmon, fish oil, etc.) since there is evidence to suggest that not enough fatty acids can be a factor in anxiety and depression.

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6 - Consider taking natural supplements to make up for some of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that might be missing from your diet. For example vitamin B complex, vitamin E, etc.

7 - Eliminate caffeine. Coffee, tea, chocolate and fizzy drinks, etc. should be avoided as they are known stimulants. At the very least, dramatically reduce their consumption. Also, avoid alcohol which acts as a stimulant during the first couple of drinks but then can act as a depressant with higher intakes.

[Note: If these are very drastic changes to your existing diet, consult your doctor before implementing them.]

Now, whilst these dietary changes can be significant in helping you to eliminate your anxiety, there is another issue that you must address, and that is your 'fear factor.' If you suffer from general anxiety, then you probably suffer from anxiety (panic) attacks. Now, what happens once you've had a panic attack is that you're terrified of having another. This fear can be recognised for what it is or be in your subconscious.

And this fear can actually build on your general anxiety to such an extent that it can actually trigger an anxiety attack. So fear of an attack can actual cause one! You need to break this anxiety cycle so that you can eliminate anxiety attacks and be better placed to overcome your general anxiety.

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Treating anxiety attacks comes down to 3 simple areas:

1. Stop Doing Things That Cause Attacks
2. Start Doing things That Ease Your Anxiety
3. Making The Most of Your Good Times

Treating Anxiety Attacks, Step 1

To put it simply, stop doing things that cause anxiety attacks. Start taking notes about what you were doing, thinking, and feeling in the moments leading up to an attack.

Are there patterns in your behaviour? Are there common things that are always present in the final moments before an attack strikes?

As soon as you spot any of these common things, start doing your best to eliminate them from your life. If they're causing your attacks, stopping them should be your priority.

Treating anxiety Attacks, Step 2

Again, let's keep this simple: start doing things that ease your anxiety. Take a look at what you normally do right before an anxiety attack stops.

What were you thinking, feeling, and doing right before it ended? If you can isolate these behaviours you can begin calling on them anytime you need to end an attack.

It will become a valuable weapon for you to use.

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Treating anxiety Attacks, Step 3

Too many people living with severe panic and anxiety don't make the most of the good times. It's important to milk these good times for all they are worth.

Anytime you're relaxed and happy and at ease with yourself, your anxiety is losing its power over you.

Start paying attention to those occasions when you're feeling good, and enjoy them for all they're worth, appreciate them for all they are.

Treating anxiety attacks doesn't have to be rocket science. Simple approaches like this can work wonders.

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One of the most distressing symptoms of an anxiety attack is chest pain. But don't worry, you're not having a heart attack. Chest pain is just one of many symptoms you may experience during an anxiety attack.

What Are the Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack?

Apart from chest pain, typical anxiety attack symptoms are; trembling, tightness across the chest / throat, shortness of breath, hot / cold flashes, nausea, dizziness, tingling in your fingers, disorientation and a feeling of some impending doom, etc.

As you can see these can be the signs of other conditions, so you are always best to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. This article is written assuming that you have suffered an actual anxiety attack.

What Causes Anxiety Attack Symptoms?

Believe it or not, an attack is the result of your body's natural primeval reaction to what it perceives as a threat to it. This is a natural response that helped us humans thousands of years ago either fight or flee from imminent danger.

At any 'sign' of danger, chemical reactions were very quickly triggered around the body to help enhance speed of thought, vision, physical strength and speed, etc. This gave us as much chance as possible to fight and win, or, run away to safety.

But today you're extremely unlikely to come across a wild animal or enemy in the high street! Instead, your body picks up on suddenly elevated fear, stress or anxiety, as a sign that there is imminent danger and so triggers the 'fight or flight' response.

The chemical reactions are then set in motion, but you get confused, because you aren't aware of any physical threat, so the result is that these chemical reactions manifest themselves to you as the symptoms of an anxiety attack.

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What Triggers an Anxiety Attack?

It really doesn't take much to trigger an attack. But the key starting point is that a person already has a level of anxiety, worry, or stress, that is way higher than normal.

These are people that are going through a period in their lives where they are stressing and worrying about problems, events, situations, etc., in a way that is way out of proportion to their seriousness.

So that an everyday event, such as shopping in a supermarket, being stuck in traffic, having a job interview, etc., adds to your already elevated anxiety and so raises your anxiety enough to trigger your body's fight or flight response, resulting in the symptoms of an anxiety attack.

What to Do When You Are Having an Anxiety Attack.

The first thing is to remember that an attack can't do you any harm. During an attack, if you force yourself to remember that the symptoms you are experiencing are just your body's natural reaction to a perceived danger that doesn't actually exist at all, you are halfway to defeating your attack.

Breath slowly and rhythmically, and, try to focus outwards rather than inwards on yourself. Focus on what is happening around you, so that you become distracted from your symptoms. You won't be able to stop the symptoms at once, but you'll be able to shorten the length of the attack considerably.

But What Do You Do to Prevent Further Attacks?

One of the key issues is the actual fear of having another attack. And no wonder, the experience of an anxiety attack is so horrible that you don't want to go through that again -- I know I've been there!

Here's the thing though: That very fear can of itself trigger another anxiety attack. Remember above how I talked about fear being added on top of already heightened anxiety? Well that's what can happen here; you being terrified of having another attack can trigger the very thing you're scared of!

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The book definition of agoraphobia is fear of the marketplace. However, in actuality, agoraphobia is a condition that renders people incapable of leaving their homes. When someone is in this state, it would be considered full-blown agoraphobia. There are cases where an agoraphobia patient simply avoids some places.

The fact of the matter is when agoraphobia is in its developmental stages those suffering from it start from being afraid to venture out to one place in particular. Then they become afraid to go to another. Step by step they become afraid to go to more and more places until one day they find themselves locked inside their homes. In many cases, hermits are people suffering from agoraphobia.

There are Two Parts to Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a compound nervous illness. Its driving force is panic attack syndrome. You could think of agoraphobia as the end game of all the symptoms of panic attacks. In fact, without panic, fear of leaving the home, or going to the market would not exist. This true because it is panic attacks, a person suffering from agoraphobia is trying to avoid when he becomes motivated to lock himself in his home.

When you study it, you can easily see panic disorder is inexorably tied to agoraphobia. Once you stop the panic attacks, you cut off the fuel agoraphobia needs in order to be effective. So, the key to ending agoraphobia is to stop these attacks from occurring.

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A Frightening and Bewildering Attack

In the early stages of an anxiety disorder, a panic will occur and it will seem to come out of nowhere. As well as being freighting, panic attacks are bewildering. The sufferer will associate the place where he suffered the panic with the panic itself and therefore he will avoid returning to this place.

Unfortunately, a sufferer of anxiety is liable to have a panic attack anywhere and so, if the attack was anything other than just a rare isolated incident, the patient will have another one in a another place and he will then add this place do those he will no longer visit.

The Want to Stay Away from Places and Events

In reality, it is not always places the panic attack sufferer associates with his attacks. It sometimes is certain events he will blame them on. Certain church ceremonies, such as weddings may be associated with panic. Also, sometimes it is parties, traffic jams, concerts or any other type of an event. It doesn't really matter if it is a place or an event the person suffering panic attacks is trying to avoid because in his mind the solution is the same; stay home.

The symptoms of panic attacks are very harrowing to the person having them. These symptoms are feelings that mock very serious events like heart attacks and strokes. To the person feeling these fake heart attacks and strokes, they are very real. It is only normal to try to stave off such feelings. Certainly, if avoiding parties or weddings would do it, it would seem reasonable to stay away from these things altogether!

The bottom line is curing agoraphobia entails the assisting the sufferer in visiting those places where he has had panic attacks. The cure to panic attacks entails the inviting them into his life and not trying to avoid them in any way shape or form. Panic thrives on fear and when we decide we will not fear them, they will cease to exist. Then, with panic no longer present in one's life, agoraphobia will gently fade away.

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