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Let me ask you something, do you have a CLEAR vision of how your life will look when you fully recover from your anxiety disorder? If not, don't expect things to change too much in the near future (painful but true). How will your relationships with your loved ones and co-workers look? How will you be using your personal leisure time differently? What will your health and energy levels look like? Do you know what one of the most important essential needs for a human being is? It's called growth. If you're not growing and improving on the many aspects of your life, then you're only existing, not living. A few years back, I ran into a movie called "The Secret". In this movie they talked about the idea of a vision board. The movie shared lots of other theories that were hard to take seriously, but the idea of a vision board was genius. I began turning my attention to how my life would be different not if but WHEN I got over my Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and created a vision of how wonderful my life would be anxiety-free. With this new focus came the juice that pushed me in the direction to take some kind of action daily.

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Yesterday, I asked a good friend I was helping to get over their GAD and mild depression a question. The simple question was, "What changes do you want to create in your life that would make you feel better about yourself?" His answer was, "I want to lose weight, make more money, and spend more time with my kids." Do you see the problem with this answer? It's too general! Your mind doesn't understand general statements like these. It doesn't have a direction to move into, and it doesn't help show you what actions you need to take in order to achieve your final goal! Here's the answers he should have come up with and later did, "I want to lose 5 pounds by the end of this week and 30 pounds by the end of the month, I want to double my monthly income by fall of next year, and I want to dedicate one hour per day to my kids and teach them a different skill related to sports each day". These goals are powerful, specific and ACTUALLY begin the process of creating a change.

Let's do an exercise that will promote change now. Write down how your panic and anxiety are affecting the 7 main aspects of your life which are: health, social life, career, leisure time, family life, religion and spirituality, and education. Now start writing how things would be different in those aspects of your life once you've overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder and panic attacks. Finally, write down what you can do right NOW, at this moment, to take baby steps in order to get the ball rolling in at least one of those 7 aspects of your life.

Conclusion: Many people believe that we as a society are becoming lazier and lazier. I believe that we're not lazy; we just aren't clear about what it is we really want. We don't live with enough purpose; it wasn't until I started to get specific and had a vision of how I wanted things to look WHEN I recovered from heightened daily anxiety levels that my mind became less occupied with fear. So my challenge for you is to write as much as you can through the exercise that is outlined here, and get your mind working for you rather than against you.

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Panic disorder medications are often prescribed for people that suffer from panic attacks. The panic disorder medications are supposed to be an easy answer to the many symptoms that one may suffer through. These medications are supposed to reduce a few things... mainly; the amount and frequency of attacks you have, their severity, and your anxiety in general.

What most doctors will never tell you is that these panic disorder medications really are a final resort in curing your panic disorder. Doctors get money to prescribe these medications... so they often will recommend medications as a first line of defense against panic attacks... when they really should be the last line. Then they take your money and send you on your way.

So why should you avoid panic disorder medications?

1) Panic disorder medications don't really fight the cause of your panic attacks. When you take these medications you are just masking your symptoms. Masking your symptoms may be great for a while... but you eventually have to deal with your problems. The longer you let your problems fester... the harder they are to deal with.

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2) The panic medications are extremely addictive. Do you want to suffer through a long, drawn out, and painful withdraw? If you take these panic attack medications for an extended amount of time... that's exactly what you have to look forward too! Panic disorder medications are so addictive that you HAVE to be under a doctor's care when you stop taking them. Your body gets so addicted that you run the risk of seizure or even death when you stop taking them.

3) You are going to have to keep increasing your dose. If your panic disorder medications actually do work... and you don't mind being addicted to them... bear in mind that you are going to have to keep increasing your dosage. Much like an alcoholic that can drink 20 beers and be sober, you also are going to build up a tolerance to your medication. You are going to have to keep increasing your dose just to feel "normal." Eventually you will be taking tons of medication... a lot more than when you started.

Don't just blindly listen to your doctor and take panic disorder medications! You have many options in fighting this disorder... and medication should only be used when you have tried everything else. Don't take it just because its easy... it will only make you miserable in the long run. Panic attacks are 100% curable with natural solutions.

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If you're currently living with panic and anxiety, then there's a good chance you've been looking for some time for effective panic attack treatments. That was certainly how it was for me a few years back, when I was looking for my own answers. And what I found was, back when I was trying anything and everything to stop my panic and anxiety, that amongst all the techniques and tricks and tactics that everyone was trying to teach me was a simple idea that worked better than all of them.

And this simple idea was gratitude.

I know that may sound strange, but stay with me on this for a moment. I thought it was strange too back then, and it was only that I was so desperate to find effective panic attack treatments that I even gave it a shot.

The idea is that each day you write a quick list of a handful of things you're grateful for. At the time I came across this idea I was already keeping a journal every day, so to make keeping this "gratitude list" as simple as possible I decided to incorporate it into my journal-keeping.

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So each day, after I'd made my journal entry, I'd force myself to list a few things (sometimes as few as 3) that I was grateful for. And these don't have to be huge things. Some of mine were as simple as "I'm grateful that I didn't have a panic attack today," and "I'm grateful that I got a good night's sleep."

They key to this approach is that it gets your mind focused on the positives, not the negatives. And as time went on, I started to find myself actually looking for things during the day that I could later put on my gratitude list, and that completely changed the way I was living. Going from always thinking and looking at the negatives to actually being on the hunt for the positives was a real breakthrough for me.

So if, like I was back then, you're currently looking for effective panic attack treatments, it might be worth giving this idea a try. So start keeping a gratitude list, no matter how silly the idea might seem. It can really make a difference.

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Looking to develop an effective panic disorder treatment plan?

There are simple ways to deal with panic disorders; you need to develop a panic disorder treatment plan and you need to be prepared to implement the plan when you begin to sense a panic attack coming on.

There are several steps you need to take in order to get your plan developed. You need to take the following steps for effective treatment:

Step 1: Talk with your doctor.
Step 2: Prepare an at home treatment plan.

Step 1: Talk with your doctor

Visiting your doctor should be part of your treatment plan because you will need to get a full examination to rule out other issues and disorders.

A doctor can talk to you about the degree of your condition, what you can do to handle your anxiety and feelings of panic, and if you have underlying or secondary conditions like SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or agoraphobia.

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You may require a separate plan to be used as a seasonal affective disorder treatment, like regular exposure to UV light waves, or a doctor may prescribe you special medications to deal with agoraphobia. Your doctor may also talk to you about seeing a counselor or a professional that you can talk to in order to deal with subconscious emotions that could be the source of your anxiousness.

Step 2: Prepare an at home treatment plan

An at home treatment plan can supplement the plan you devise with your doctor to deal with your condition. If you are not prescribed medications, you can look to herbal solutions to alleviate panic attack symptoms.

There are a number of holistic solutions that you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine that can help prevent panic attacks or, at minimum, reduce the effects of attacks you do have.

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