High Blood pressure is often known as silent killer. Some people suffer from this disease but they are not aware that they have high blood pressure. This is because they don’t experience any symptoms of this problem. The first number in the blood pressure reading represents the systolic pressure and the second number represents diastolic pressure. The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg.If the systolic pressure is less than 140 and not more than 159 and diastolic pressure is between 80 and 89 then that is Stage 1 hypertension .If the systolic pressure is more than 169 and diastolic pressure more than 100 then that is Stage 2 hypertension which may cause serious damage to the patient and the person start feeling symptoms of blood pressure like dizziness, headache and sometimes bleeding from nose. The cause of high blood pressure are not certain but it can be caused due to cigarette smoking, lack of physical activities,obesity,history of family or increased sodium intake. Though there are lots of medications available for the treatment of high blood pressure but natural cure is the best way to get rid of high blood pressure.

Herbs for the cure of high blood pressure

Garlic: Garlic contains allicin which controls the high level of high blood pressure. Garlic can be taken in many forms like eating a raw clove of garlic or taking garlic pearl or powder supplement of garlic. Garlic has the property to thin the blood as aspirin does. The chances of blood clotting reduce with the intake of garlic. It is proved for the treatment of mild high blood pressure.

Hawthorn: The herb hawthorn has anti-inflammatory compound that help to lower the high blood pressure. Under high blood pressure the blood vessels does not enlarge themselves and have a tendency to contract which causes inflammation in the walls of the artery. The compound of this herb helps to heal the inflammation and avoid the increase in the blood pressure. The hawthorn can be taken in the form of hawthorn extract and supplements.

There are lots of herbs to get rid of high blood pressure but the garlic and hawthorn are the safest herb to cure high blood pressure. Lifestyle Improvements for high blood pressure.

Quit Smoking and use of Tobacco: The smoking should be avoided totally. The tobacco should not be taken in any form. The nicotine in it increases the blood pressure. So don’t indulge in the use of tobacco in any form. Try to quit it day by day if you are addicted to it.

Yoga and meditation: Yoga: Yoga helps to normalize your heart rate and the high blood pressure is controlled. Aerobic exercises should be done only on the advice of the doctor. Aerobics reduces the systolic pressure first and then a random fall in diastolic pressure. You should try to involve yourself in any physical activity like jogging or walking.

Autogenic Training: Autogenic training is undertaken to reduce the stress and give relaxation to the body. In this training, some sessions are given to the person so that one can control the breathing, heart rate and the temperature of the body. This training is given by an expert by the involvement in a certain positon, concentration towards a candle or a pen, imagination or some verbal cues. It should be done regularly like you take medicine daily to get the results.

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