Bad breath odors depend on the cause of the bad breath. It creates embarrassing situations for the person. In some cases the problem of bad breath is solved by maintaining the dental hygiene. The various measures like mints, mouthwashes and other products are a temporary solution for the cure of bad breath. If all these measures fail then one has to consult s dentist.

Knowing your bad breath is difficult so ask your partner or close friend if you have a bad breath. You can also check this by blowing a air on you hand and then smelling your hand. The causes of bad breath include some specific foods like raw onion, raddish etc, health condition and daily habits of a person.

Once you are aware of the fact that you are having bad breath issues then try to make dental hygiene first, and then make some lifestyle changes like brush your teeth at least twice, clean your tongue after eating anything, do dental flossing and increase the intake of water. If after making these changes in your lifestyle you are still suffering from bad breath issues then consulting a doctor is a good option.
Below is the list of certain measures in form of herbs and other common ingredients plus proper hygienic practices that can spare you from bad breath.

Home remedies to cure bad breath

The cure of bad breath at you home is possible by implementing the mentioned suggestions. Avoid having excess of coffee, beer and other alcoholic drinks. Increase the intake of water as it cleanses our mouth frequently after everything we eat. The consumption of garlic, radish and raw onion should be avoided. You should make a habit of brushing your teeth’s at least twice a day. Restrict your meals to four to five only as frequent meals causes bad breath. Rinsing your mouth with water after eating is a good thing one should do to prevent bad breath. Mint leaves and mint mouth wash should be used for the temporary relief from bad breath. The mouthwash should not contain dyes and alcohol. So it is advised to check the ingredients of mouthwash before buying them.

You can also chew some fresh or dried mint leaves, cloves, fennel, cardamom, anise seeds and sunflower seeds after meal. You can carry these things with you in a small pouch in your pocket so that you can have it after meals. Parsley is also good to get rid of bad breath. Doing gargles with baking soda is equally good for the cure of bad breath. You should drink lime water. The regular cleaning of tongue is also required for the cure of bad breath. The tea should not be sweet as sweetened tea also increases the chances of bad breath. The tea of fenugreek seeds is suggestive drink for bad breath. The bacteria that cause bad breath can be removed by eating apples. The mineral zinc also helps to prevent the growth of bad breath bacteria. Apple cider vinegar before meal with one glass of water is good for digestion and it also keeps a check on bad breath.

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