How To Get Rid Of Anxiety At Night: Anxiety Worse At Night And Morning

Nocturnal panic attack can be a really troublesome disorder which is often linked with anxiety. However even without any specific situation that can be considered as source of anxiety one can have nocturnal panic attacks. So there will be situations where a patient may encounter panic attack at night even after you cure anxiety. There are number of ways of combating panic attacks and here are some of the ways of dealing with nocturnal panic attacks. However, what works with one may not work with the other; so if one of the below does not work with you always remember to try another option until you find something that works with you.

1. Get mentally ready for your bedtime with a relaxing routine. In other words, let the mind and body know that it is time to rest for the night. First, as it gets closer to the normal bedtime, avoid foods and drinks that will take longer to digest. Examples of those are; high-fat and high sugar foods; as well as alcohol. Also things like: mild exercise, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, and playing soothing music or white noise seems to help.

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2. If you do wake to a panic attack at night you will need to use either self-talk or a relaxation technique or a combination of the two. You need to tell yourself that you are having a nocturnal panic attack; you are home, safe in your bed. You should find something in the room to focus on while beginning to slow your breathing and heart rate. If you find that you are still not relaxed and over the attack again you may need to leave the bed for a while.

3. Medication has also been shown to help patients who have had no success with other methods, or even patients that prefer not to try other treatments for nocturnal panic attacks. In this instance the physician could prescribe from a long list of medication types, such as: antidepressants, Benzodiazepines and MAOIs, just to name a few.

4. Support groups or group therapy may be another cure for panic attacks. Just knowing that "you are not alone" in suffering can be a great relief to many patients.

5. In some cases Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has shown great results in helping patients with panic attacks at night. This is a long-term program that uses many techniques including but not limited to: relaxation, image therapy, methods to manage panic, breathing techniques, and cognitive restructuring.

All things considered, the best approach is to contact a physician and discuss cures for panic attack at night; and of course we all know that making sure that the doctor knows all the facts is always in the best interest of the patient. Do remember the above listed options are just few effective cures for nocturnal panic attacks and there are certainly more ways of dealing with the problem. For more information on eradicating nocturnal panic attacks you can visit our website today.

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When you're at a time in your life when your stress and anxiety levels are higher than they are normally, you can suffer horrifying panic attacks.

A panic attack is the name given to a set of symptoms that you experience, that come out of the blue, and, cause you to think you may be having a serious attack of some kind, that leaves you thinking that you could be dying even.

Typical symptoms are; tight chest, tight throat, irregular or racing heartbeat, hot and cold flashes, difficulty breathing, shallow rapid breathing, tingling sensation, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness, a sensation of being detached from reality, and of course, a feeling of some impending doom. So what's going on here?

Many people suffer panic attacks when they find themselves in stressful situations such as sitting an exam, driving in rush hour traffic, shopping in crowded supermarkets, going for a job interview, speaking in public, etc. Now, ordinarily, you would handle these without suffering an attack, so what's different now?

The difference is that you have high levels of anxiety that, when the stress of these typical situations is added on top, pushes your overall anxiety levels to such an extent that your body's natural defense mechanism 'perceives' this sudden rise in anxiety as a signal that you're in mortal danger. It then triggers its 'fight or flight' response.

This is a primeval defense mechanism used to almost instantly prime the human body both physically and mentally to be better able to stand and fight, or turn and run away from danger; hence 'fight or flight.'

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Under these circumstances of real danger, physical and mental changes occur very quickly in the body, but the person in danger is already fighting or running away, so is not really aware of them.

But, when the response is triggered in you under your circumstances, you aren't aware of any physical danger, so are not even thinking along those lines. The changes that occur therefore are 'felt' by you, i.e. you experience the symptoms of a panic attack.

So, you have two things going on here; your underlying general anxiety, and, your resultant panic attacks. Now, if you were to get rid of your general anxiety, you would automatically cure your panic attacks right?

In theory, that is right. But, even if you concentrate on your general anxiety, your 'fear' of having another panic attack happen at any time, is constantly building on your anxiety, making it difficult to overcome.

You see, the symptoms of your panic attacks are just so terrible that each time you suffer one your fear of the next one just increases and won't leave you. Your fear can be conscious or unconscious, but you're bound to have it. And fear is great anxiety that adds to your already high general anxiety.

This could be seen as your cycle of anxiety that needs to be broken to prevent more panic attacks and eliminate your anxiety. There is a view that, in order to do this, you need to cure the panic attacks first, which then allows you to more effectively get rid of your anxiety.

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Anxiety attacks are horrifying! But you can stop them. And you can prevent them without medication. Here, you'll discover what triggers anxiety attacks and how to stop them quite naturally.

Typically, doctors prescribe medication such as anti-depressants, tranquilizers and even beta-blockers for anxiety and anxiety attacks. The anti-depressants for managing your 'mood', tranquilizers for 'calming' you, and, beta-blockers to help manage some of the physical symptoms of anxiety.

And although drug-based medication can help some people, not all anxiety sufferers find them beneficial, not least because of their potentially serious side effects, which include dependency issues. Which is why people are increasingly -- perhaps this is you -- seeking out natural ways to treat anxiety, without recourse to drugs.

But, in order to best understand just how natural remedies for anxiety can work for you, and, the critical key needed to unlock your cure, you first need to understand how anxiety attacks can be triggered...

We need to go back hundreds of thousands of years, and picture our forefathers living and surviving in a very wild, hostile environment; where it definitely was the 'survival of the fittest.' And the human body, being something quite miraculous, was pre-equipped (and still is) to give the individual the greatest possible chance to survive and prosper.

For example, at the very 'whiff' of danger to the body, chemical reactions were triggered in the brain that produced split-second physical and emotional responses in the body. These gave the person under threat the greatly enhanced capacity to fight an enemy or wild animal, or, to run away to safety. This is why we call this the body's 'fight or flight' response.

But how does all that relate to today, I hear you ask? Well, although the chances are that you aren't going to be confronted by a pack of wild animals or a neighbouring tribe, looking to tear you limb from limb (lol), all your body needs to be faced with is the 'perception' that you are in danger. You see, the human body really is marvelous; it doesn't take any chances with your life. If there is even a sense of danger, it doesn't wait around to check and confirm it, it takes no chances and just triggers its fight or flight response!

So, in today's society, what can possibly 'trick' the mind into thinking that you are in danger when you definitely aren't?...

If you suffer from anxiety attacks then you already have higher than (your) normal levels of stress and anxiety. There could be a number of reasons for this, but the result is that you constantly worry, stress and even obsess on a daily basis. And probably about things that you would have taken in your stride in the past.

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Now, in your vulnerable state, all it takes is for your stress / anxiety to rise even more, due to a stressful event or situation, such as sitting (or studying for) an exam, being stuck in traffic, shopping in a very crowded supermarket, etc. The outcome is that your overall anxiety levels are increased dramatically enough to 'fool' your mind into believing that you're under threat, and so the fight or flight response is triggered.

The changes that that causes all over your body (e.g. blood pressure, heart rate, muscle enhancement, vision enhancement, etc.) leads to you experiencing some or all of the following symptoms; racing heart, tightness across your chest, nausea, tingling feeling in your extremities, dizziness / wooziness, irregular breathing, a feeling of not being connected to reality / being detached, a feeling that you are about to die even, etc. You are having a horrifying anxiety attack!

Now, to stop anxiety attacks, most people try to eliminate their general anxiety first. And there are many natural remedies and therapies to help you do this, e.g. hypnosis, psychotherapy, counselling, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, deep breathing exercises, visualization techniques, music therapy, etc.

But the key to unlocking the real mystery of how to stop panic attacks is to recognise that you have a real fear of having more anxiety attacks. You see, once having suffered the horrifying symptoms, you clearly never want to repeat that experience. So you end up with a conscious or unconscious 'fear' of having one. And guess what? This very fear (being anxiety) builds up on your already high anxiety levels and triggers another anxiety attack!

So, rather than working on your general anxiety first (with your fear of anxiety attacks always in the background), you need to get rid of your fear and so break out of this vicious cycle of; anxiety >> anxiety attack >> fear >> more anxiety >> another anxiety attack >> more fear >> etc. Then, once having banished your fear of attacks, which will help prevent further attacks, you can then work on effectively eliminating your general anxiety.

And, the first stage in this process, is to realize that your anxiety attacks can't harm you. As you now know, they are just the symptoms of a perceived threat that doesn't even exist. The next step is to learn and utilize a technique to help you eliminate your fear of anxiety attacks.

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What are the causes of anxiety and how can we avoid them and live a life which is relatively free of stress? This is a question most of us would like answered. Stress and anxiety, it seems, run rampant through our lives in today's world. So, if we learn how we can deal with the causes of anxiety, we can cut the legs out from under stress, nervousness and even panic!

There are way too many causes of anxiety to mention them all. In short, anything that upsets us or changes our mood for the worse would be considered a cause of stress. You don't have to go far to find stress. Most days, it finds us before we get into the shower in the morning.

Don't Feed Stress

In order to stop anxiety from building, we must recognize what are just little things. We must learn how to not let these little things interfere with our mood. For instance, when we are driving somewhere, and have a choice of taking either of two different routes to our destination, we always seem to take the one that will lead us right into a traffic jam. When this happens, there is an immediate stressful feeling that overcomes us. On top of that, we feel as though somehow we made a mistake because we guessed wrong about which road we should take.

For most of us this would be a major cause of anxiety. It would also be a cause of regret. If we dwell on this unfortunate occurrence, we will compound our stress. We may even build the stress into a major episode of anxiety attack. You can see how a few episodes like this, if they were to occur in a single day, would drive one into a very bad emotional state. It may even get enough adrenaline flowing inside the body to cause a panic attack.

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Let Calmness Take Over

The best thing we can do to have calmness and peace-of-mind become the biggest players in our lives, is to realize stress causing situations will always be there. Every minute of every day, there is a reason to be stressed out. This is true no matter who you are. It is true whether you work from sun up to sun down or you are a retired person. You can always find something to worry about.

Overcoming anxiety does not involve finding anxiety's root cause. The way to truly succeed in avoiding stress is to constantly be looking for the good in every situation. Yes, there are things that happen in our lives we cannot ignore. These things will bring anxiety and sometimes grief into our lives. This is normal. However, dropping the bar of soap in the shower means you will burn off a few more calories picking it up; that's all. Getting into a traffic jam simply means you have more time to unwind, listen to the radio and watch the world around you.

In short, don't pay any attention to the little things; they will pass. If you think you're going to be late for work, don't for one instance think it's going to get you into trouble. Always imagine the best possible outcome. When you take this attitude, stress will not follow you; it will avoid you like the plague!

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