The scar is an inevitable bi-product of any surgery. Similarly, hair transplant scars also come along with hair transplantation. Even modern transplantation techniques also can't prevent scar formation after surgery. But science always finds out an alternative solutions to problems. Here camouflage and concealment methods have been implemented to minimize the hair transplant scar.

After hair restoration, surgery hair transplant scars have become the source of anxiety for both men and women. Everyone wants to hide this inevitable consequence of hair transplants. No one can ignore the continuation of hair loss after surgery. After continuous hair loss, many people plan to reduce further thinning of their hair. And this leads to significant scarring, therefore less hair available to cover the area of scars.

In this way, many men get frustrated and decided to shave their head completely.

But don't need to worry about the undesirable consequence. Here we are going to discuss some scar concealing processes for you.

Method to hide your scars after hair transplantation

Before hiding your scars, you need to aware of different type of scars. There are four different types of scars that patient used to carry. It depends on the nature of the surgical procedure.
Four different types of scars are:
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE or "dot") scars
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT or "Strip") scars
Scalp reduction scars
Plug scars

There is a different type of scar conciliations methods available with the blessing of science. Let them mention it below.

Temporary scar concealers
It is the easiest and cheapest method to hide your scars, but it is not permanent and least effective. It may be not effective for women. Many men use toppik, Nanogen, or DermMatch to get a thicker appearance of hair. Consequently, it can hide scars underneath the hair.

Scar revision surgery
This is applicable for bad FUT scars. Here the scar tissue is surgically removed, and the wound is completely covered with modern suture technique.

Grafting of hair unit
Doctors use a surgical procedure such as grafting hair units over the scar using the FUE method. It is a reliable technique applicable for men and women. Grafting of hair on scared area provides long term results.

Scalp micropigmentation
Scalp micro pigmentation is the most common option for concealing all types of scars. This is a pointillism method of tattooing. It is a medical hairline tattooing performed by introducing pigments directly into the scalp through injection. It provides the appearance of thicker hair.

This procedure is also applicable to colour the scarred area after FUE or FUT. It would take several sessions to complete; it is entirely depending on the area being injected. The ink colour should be similar to your current hair.

In micro scalp pigmentation, your hair may become Gray or white, but the ink colour remains unchanged.

Laser revision
It is a high-end technique to cover scars after hair transplantation. Some clients choose Fraxel or Vbeam laser techniques to conceal their blemishes.

Scar removal is a scientific procedure; if you feel uncomfortable with scars after a hair transplant, talk to your doctor and know what type of scar concealing is best. He will analyze your post-transplant spots and advise the best process. There is a large number of reputed hair transplant experts available in Dubai. So, if you are in Dubai, find out the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai to get a complete hair transplant and scar removal package. They will thoroughly explain the entire procedure before moving forward. Therefore, you will get a complete vision of the process.

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