50 Cent has an incredible story! His album, “Get Rich or Die Trying”, could not have been truer. He really did almost die trying when he got shot nine times.
A lot of today’s urban youth want to be musicians when they grow up. However, the chances of them getting rich like 50 Cent are slim to none. They are more likely to “die tryin’”.
However, all hope is not lost. This article will explain how the average person can get rich like 50 Cent, using Network Marketing .
You may not be a rap artist, but Hip Hop is a business, just like Network Marketing is a business. 50 Cent is a businessman. That is why he was able to get rich.
Here are 5 characteristics you can emulate if you want to do the same.
1. Develop your business skills- Stop depending on your up-line to close all of your prospects with a 3-way call. You need to develop your business skills so people will want to work with you.
2. Be a leader- It is one thing to follow a system. It is another thing to be unoriginal.
A leader will lead his/her team in the right direction. This is especially true if you realize that you are being led by a bad leader.
3. Develop a team of like-minded business partners. Network marketers are in the minority when dealing with the masses.
Internet network marketers make up even a smaller minority. That is the reason for forming a tribe of like-minded business partners.
4. Never quit! I sponsored almost 200 people in a previous business opportunity.
I sponsored one lady in the library. She quit and I never heard from her again.
I signed up one couple at their apartment. We sat down and created a game plan and everything. They were super-excited!!!
They quit the next day and I never heard from them again.
One lady even came out to the office. A rookie distributor would have been at the height of the emotional roller coaster, because this lady was talking like she was going to be the next Network Marketing superstar!
Of course we know there is a difference between talking and doing.
She disappeared the very next day. Her phone got turned off, so I stopped by her apartment to see what happened.
She pretended not to be home, even though it was obvious that she was there.
She was treating me like the repo man!
50 Cent got shot 9 times and the still did not quit. How can you realistically expect to get rich if you quit after hearing the word “NO”?
5. Be focused- You have to be focused to reach your goals.
You may not be a hip hop artist, but if you apply these principles to your business, it is possible to get rich like 50 Cent using Network Marketing.

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