With the new website for the most important things you need to know to start thinking about how parents and backlinks. Once you have SEO'd site links to your site, the more likely it is recognized by search engines, as each backlink as a "vote" for your site - as a whole. But if you're wrong can be penalized, so that you know how to make even the right way!

Search engines not only look at the crowd, to give weight to quality backlinks. That is important, where the links of origin. They have a site related to your niche. So if your weight loss niche and its relationship to the page, an electronic device does not make sense. When it comes to self-improvement and personal development could be some, but if it were a health and fitness site, obviously, would be much more relevant and, therefore, cost. Backlinks should form may go against the site Google, is not indexed

To consider the site is connected to DoFollow or NOFOLLOW. Backlinks links NOFOLLOW provide no value in terms of SEO efforts because search engines do not follow the link to your site, but, of course, you can get traffic from this link the user clicked on the site.

Returning to the question of how to produce quality backlinks there are a few ways to do this for free. Payment can be an attractive option, but there are dangers, and it is better to entrust the task more efficiently, rather than pay for the response of any economic value.

Link quality content will lead to positive results in the SEO and traffic. However, the compound must have certain characteristics to be equally successful. The site should link to quality content that will be the local authorities.

The first place to start, of course, now social networks (what we did to them?) Even if you take some "time to complete the installation of forums and blogs, websites, etc. for investment, clear chapter. Following .

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook

Also an update that includes a link to a partition or on the product page, etc. just. The same goes for Twitter, please leave a brief message and placement of bonds is very easy. You can also use the device as a Tweet Adder automatically tweet during the day so that you can set up several vice versa.

Social Bookmarking: Digg, StumbleUpon and Tumble

Social bookmarking and blogs can be a powerful tool because the search engine, which always looks for new content and people. I discovered that Digg, StumbleUpon and Tumblr for large networks are available ..

Publications Forum

Search the Council, which is relevant to your niche. Join us for comment. Make sure that the spam, but leave comments and answer any questions you may cause your connection. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and others interested in your product, you can also perform other activities such as joint ventures. Usually forums allow a signature link that people can click to learn more about you - which generates traffic and backlinks

Comments in blogs

As with posts, not the high traffic blogs will do the same. Leave a comment, which is useful for the reader. Do not just write a "great job" is not approved, you write something useful and helpful!

The power link is a link to the site and Google ranking in terms of a family trust. This factor in the algorithm of Google, which once found a site that is an authority, it is more visibility in search results related to procurement. HupPages.com started with Squidoo.com and writes on his side and spread your backlinks.

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