The first thing you should pay attention to when buying tea, Tibetan tea or playing tea is your mentality. Puerh tea is expensive with aging, and it is more fragrant. Being able to own some really good old tea is of course everyone’s dream, but when you can’t accurately judge the age of Puerh tea, the quality is good or the quality of Chen Yun is good or bad, all you can do is take care of yourself and adjust Good mentality, keep in mind "Talk about tea with tea ", stories other than tea, vintage, packaging, place of origin, publicity, etc., not what we want to buy, we only buy tea, which I like Taste tea.

The so-called money is easy to get, but the confidant is hard to find. In the quaint atmosphere of high mountains and flowing water, if you can get an admiration from your heart and a subtle rhythm from the depths of the spirit rhythm, then it can be said that it is worthless to walk in the world. Perhaps, in many cases, when the fate of tea comes, it is at the end of the fate? The person who knows is always in the dim light. Conversely, if one wants to find the long-loved tea, it also depends on chance; sometimes it is even found but unconscious, all it takes is waiting and an epiphany like Zen. When everything is ready and Puerh tea may be slightly successful or at its best, it is time to find your soulmate.

There are various types of tea, and each type of tea has its own unique style and characteristics. Puerh tea is created by various factors such as time, geographical advantage, man-made, and varieties, and it is a large garden with hundreds of flowers. For those who love tea, Tibetan tea, and playing tea, it should not be a world of "one flower alone". Imagine that ten or twenty years later, if we store all of the same areas, the same grade, the same craftsmanship, and the same type of tea today, do you still have such rare collections?

Tea leaves don’t fly into the cups of tea drinkers. On the contrary, good tea is produced in the high mountains and clouds. Really good tea leaves are generally far away from the hustle and bustle. They require people to pick and produce without fear and hardship. And production, of course, and proper storage. In this process, as a tea man, it’s inevitable to live and sleep in the air, and it’s inevitable to go around the show. It’s also necessary to deliberately and personally make every level of good production and production. After a tea is made, store it carefully and try to provide it. A good aging environment is also unacceptable.
At the very least, the tea itself must be "normal".

  Puerh tea is more and more fragrant, but the premise is that the tea base itself is good, and the collection method is correct. We drink tea, some are just to meet the dietary needs, some are drinking tea as water, quenching thirst, some are pursuing fun and enjoyment, and some are just for the sake of enlightening the Tao and enlightening life regardless of the form. But in any case, one thing is the same, that is, the tea itself should be "normal". For contaminated tea that is "smoke, coke, rancidity, acid, fishy, numb, spicy, ding", even if it is stored for decades, it is not May turn into good. Such storage is meaningless.

Puerh tea takes ancient tree tea as the most, and the older it gets, the more delicious it is. However, in the natural environment of natural selection, if a tea tree is to survive, it must pass a lot of tests. It has the perseverance to face the bullying of wind and frost and the erosion of insects. In addition to natural disasters, it also has to face planting. Wandering badgers are "human disasters". Therefore, only through the robbery, even if the trees are dying, I stand upright, can I cultivate a positive fruit, and bring out a piece of fragrant and mellow tea for people.

This is the basic law of the commodity economy, and needless to say. Due to the difference in aesthetic standards, consumer psychology, and value orientation, the understanding of the value of Puerh tea is also varied. It is difficult to use a specific number to buy your favorite under the principle of "voluntary and equal". Puerh tea is ready for yourself.

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