For some people, facing the fear of rejection that is possible on the get-acquainted call can be daunting. You may be so focused on dreading the potential of rejection that conducting the call itself becomes difficult. I understand how this can happen and have a couple of suggestions to help you look at what’s happening in a new and more powerful way.

First, this is completely about mindset. It has nothing to do with marketing. At different points in your life you have put yourself out there in a big way and somebody rejected you. It might have stemmed from a romantic rejection, not getting into a sorority, not making the cut for cheerleading or the school play. It’s very possible you created a meaning around that about yourself. It could be something like “I’m just not worthy”.

Your personal stories about rejection can definitely affect your sales. So it’s not surprising to see how your thoughts about being unworthy could undercut your energy and presentation while conducting your calls

The second option is that you may believe that to sell means you have to take something from the person rather than being of service. The origin of the word “selling” or “sell” is to be of service. You are here to provide a solution to somebody, not take from people. If you can understand that and really let it sink in, that you are not here to close the sale but help someone, it totally reframes it and allows you to approach the conversation in a totally different way.

Today, I approach these conversations with this in mind, “How can I help this person make the right decision for him or her?” And that is a lot different than “Okay, I’m going to get on the phone and close the person.”

This shift in mindset not only changes your intention for the conversation, but also changes the story around rejection. Because now your goal is helping them make the right decision and so it’s no longer about you or getting rejected. In fact, when you reframe sales in this way, you can see how you are actually building a relationship with the person.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Take some time to think about your rejection story. Look at the origin of where you felt rejected and the meaning you created around that episode.

Unraveling this story and understanding it better can help release its hold on you. Knowing what might be holding you back will reduce the fear and free you up to be of service to prospects in the selling process.

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