I decided to come out with this topic this morning because one of my students posed her worries to me during my coaching lesson yesterday. Her biggest problem was that she broke up with her boyfriend 2years back when they were still schooling together to become future teachers. She said unfortunately for her, they graduated and were posted together in the same school.

She explained to me that her biggest problem is that they broke up in the past and everything was fine but now, every time she sees him, she suffers emotional pain.
Unlike her situation, they are many people who still suffer this emotional pain in one way or the other. It could be trying to get over someone you see every day in school, work, on the road, in church, etc. But now that you have landed at xknowhow.com, consider all your worries no more.
Do you have to bother when you see someone all the time?

In most cases, people suffer emotional pains when they see their ex-partners highly because of what happened in the past. When they do, they start recalling the past, what they used to do and how they separated. With all this kind of reflections, it will be difficult to get over someone because you now see the person every day.

This therefore means that, if you see him now and start going in pain, it definitely means you are going to suffer pain for the rest of your days in life since you will continue to see him. So, the only way out of this is to learn how to get over these emotional pains and worries, and not just trying to get over the person, right? In this articles I am going to tell you how to cope with your emotions each time you see him or her.
How you can get over someone you see every now and then

In order to get over someone you see every day, the first thing you have to do is to make sure there is no link to the person again and this is nothing more than making sure the relationship is completely over. Keep reminding yourself each time you see him that the relationship is over.

This way of thinking gives a true sense of reasoning; to treat him just as any other friend, stranger or someone you met on the street. With this kind of approach, you don’t escape away from them, rather, you try to become resistant each time you see them, right?
Don’t even recall the past when with them

One of the main reasons people face difficulties getting over someone they loved is highly due to how their minds work. Whenever they see him or her they immediately start thinking of the past. Start reflecting on how life used to be, the promises they made etc.

In most of my recovery articles, I always say when forgetting someone, you also forget about the old memories as well and the same thing happens here. Whenever you see him/her don’t be frightened or start trying to identify with him/her. No!!

If it’s necessary to greet, greet warmly with smile but don’t even behave as if you recognize anything in the past. When you start believing in that pattern, before you know, your mind actually sees him or her as how you perceive them.

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