How To Get Over Being Shy: How To Overcome Being Timid

Shyness happens when we become overly self conscious about ourselves. To stop shyness, it is important to understand that low self esteem has a close relationship with shyness. The lower your self esteem, the more shy you'll be. So if you want to be less shy, start by working on your self esteem. Always tell yourself that you are good enough to do any task that is given to you. Always believe in yourself and believe that you are capable of performing just as well as anybody else on earth. Even though it may be hard to respect yourself, tell yourself anyway. Look in the mirror and say that you love yourself, and say it with feeling or it's not going to work.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Eventually, through daily positive affirmations, you will start to feel different about yourself and your outlook in life will feel different also. To make things easier, give the abundance of love you've created for yourself inside and start giving it to other people. Find ways to add value to other people's lives by making them feel better and you will start feeling better also. This can be anything from giving a smile to another person and saying hi or helping somebody do a favor.

Joining a sports team and helping them win, or any type of club that requires you to contribute to the group also counts. These proactive activities will slowly put you in an environment where you are cooperating and working together as a team, as as a result help you build more confidence and get rid of shyness.

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For people that suffer from panic attacks, self help options are often the most effective treatments. The seems to defy many people's logic... when most people discover that they are suffering from anxiety disorders they run to the doctor to get prescribed medications that dull their symptoms. Medication is great if you want to just mask your symptoms... but it really does nothing to cure the source of your panic.

You should really not consider medication a long term answer for panic attacks. Self-help options on the other hand help you fight your disorder where it starts... naturally, safely, and effectively. When you fight the source of panic attacks... you are effectively preparing yourself to get rid of your panic disorder permanently.

To effectively stop panic attacks you want to look at your treatment from long-term standpoint. You cannot just take some medications and have your symptoms go away. As soon as you stop taking the medication your symptoms come back... and usually they are stronger than ever. You have to fight the root cause of your panic attacks. You have to combat the imbalances within your body.

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Try these panic attacks self help cures:

- Have someone to confide in. If you have a friend or family member that you can trust make sure to talk to them about your panic disorder. Having a confidant, or someone to talk to, is a great reliever of stress and anxiety.

- Eat healthy. What you drink and eat can affect the amount of anxiety you feel. When you eat unhealthy foods your body gets out of balance. When your body gets out of balance it releases stress signals to your brain. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables you will help maintain your internal balance.

- Make sure to get a healthy amount of exercise. Exercise has been scientifically proven to keep you calm and relaxed... therefore it's a great way to practice panic attacks self help. It is also a great way to blow off some steam. If you are suffering from panic attacks you can burn off extra stress and energy by exercising.

- Learn to distract yourself when you feel panic attack coming on. People do this in many ways... you can write, go take a walk, draw, paint, just do something. If you do something that soothes and relaxes you is very hard to feel panic and anxiety... have you ever felt relaxed and anxious at the same time? Probably not...

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You can overcome panic attacks easily... without the help of your doctor. The best way to start fighting panic is to understand what is going on within your mind and body. When you have a god understanding of what is going on inside of you... you can start to overcome it. When you take control of your mind and body you can control your disorder.

How can you overcome panic attacks naturally?

1) Overcome panic disorder with physical exercise. Exercise is scientifically proven to help with anxiety. That's a fact! If you have less anxiety... you are less likely to have a panic and anxiety. Also when you increase your heart rate, your breathing, and you really start sweating you get a good feeling. This good feeling helps you when you start to panic... How? Well, your body equates all of your panic symptoms with that good feeling (like an increase in heart rate or heavy breathing) so these symptoms no longer cause you to panic. You desensitize yourself to the feelings that typically bring on panic and anxiety.

2) Get a good amount of sleep. There is no easier way to overcome panic disorder then to get a full night of sleep. When your body is not properly rested it will send stress and anxiety signals to your mind. This anxiety keeps building up until you cannot take it anymore... then...before you know it... panic attack! When you sleep you relieve stress and anxiety that accumulates during the day.

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3) Overcome panic attacks by being a social butterfly. This is going to be the last thing that people with panic disorders are going to want to hear... Typically people with panic disorders are scared to leave their houses because they fear when their next attack will strike. You have to avoid this feeling... you have to really get out there... once you do you will feel less lonely and you start to get more connected to people. This connected feeling alone can help you overcome panic attacks.

It's an awesome feeling once you learn how to overcome panic attacks. When you figure out how to beat them you no longer have the burden of panic attacks constantly on your mind. You can be free from the embarrassing moments and feelings that you used to experience. Once you overcome panic attacks your life turns around and it becomes fun to live again.

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Maybe you've had a recent incident that makes you wonder if you've had a anxiety attack. It was a horrifying experience made even more terrifying because you didn't know what caused it. Symptoms of a panic attack can mimic heart attacks. If you haven't already, go to your doctor to rule out any physical reason for the event.

If your doctor says you check out OK then you may want to review the event and see if any of these symptoms of a panic attack occurred. Understand that the symptoms aren't the same for everybody but as a general rule you'll experience two or three of these.

General Sense of Uneasiness

Panic attacks come in waves. They start small; build to a peak and then taper off. If you had a feeling of uneasiness, an unfounded feeling that something bad was going to happen, perhaps a tingling in your extremities, then that may have been the first symptom of a anxiety attack.

Irrational Fear

If you experienced an irrational fear it most likely was triggered by a anxiety attack. For example if you were driving and you suddenly just knew you were going to lose control, even though there was no reason to believe it, that is an irrational thought or fear associated with anxiety attack.

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Tightness of Chest and Difficulty Breathing

This symptom of a panic attack is why so many people who experience them end up in a hospital emergency room complaining of a heart attack. Your body's fight or flight response has been activated by the irrational fear and the tightening of muscles is a natural response. Just know that it will pass.

Rapid Pounding Heartbeat

This symptom is also a result of the fight or flight response. Your brain has told the body there is a danger and ordered the heart to pump faster and harder to get oxygen and nutrients to all of your muscles so they can run faster or fight harder.

There are other symptoms of a panic attack, notably the feeling that you are losing control over your body or that you are near death but it's important to know all these symptoms will pass. Nobody has ever died from a panic attack. The anxiety attack is simply an exaggerated fight or flight response that is triggered by your brain.

The good news is now that you recognize these symptoms of a panic attack; you can accept the event for what it is. Knowing what's going on is half the cure.

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