How To Get My Boyfriend To Give Me Another Chance: Convince Him To Give You Another Chance

You messed up. We all mess up sometimes in our relationships but this time you know it's not something small that you can sweep under the rug. You've hurt your boyfriend deeply and you're very concerned that you're not going to recover from this. You want him to forgive you but from where you're sitting right now it doesn't look as though that's going to happen. He's angry, he's hurt and he's distant. Learning how to get your boyfriend to give you another chance is all about opening up your mind and your heart and accepting the blame for what you've done.

Understanding how to get your boyfriend to give you another chance starts with trying to put yourself in his shoes. Think for a moment about what it would be like if the roles were reversed. How would you feel if your boyfriend had done to you what you did to him? The pain that you feel when you think about that is only a fraction of what he's feeling now. He is the one who is wronged and you can't lose sight of that. You have to be compassionate and sympathetic to the emotional pain that he is in when you try and deal with this situation effectively.

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Obviously an apology is in order but it's not something that you should quickly say as a way to try and make amends. Apologies really are a dime a dozen and unless your boyfriend feels that it's coming from a place of sincerity, he's not going to accept it. Take a bit of time to work on your apology. You don't want it to be a long or drawn out speech but it should convey your remorse for what you did. Be specific when you tell him that you're sorry for what you did. Don't try and explain away your behavior. Just take responsibility for it.

Rebuilding a broken relationship is something that takes a great deal of patience and effort. Your guy may not be open to the idea of doing this right now and you have to accept that. What you can do is work at being a more positive presence in his life. Don't push him for more than he's ready to give to you. Instead, stay committed to showing him that you've changed and that you have deep regret for what you did. Over time the issue that tore you two apart will begin to fade into the distance and he'll start to see you as a woman who is mature enough to learn from her mistakes. He'll be impressed by the positive changes you've made and he'll be much more open to giving you and the relationship another chance.

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Talking is the best thing to do. Whoever says you cannot talk to your ex, especially when you want them back. Talking will keep avenues open for you to ask them back into your life. Yes, but take care how much or how often you should talk. That is the crux!

Soon after the break up

Soon after the break up is break time! Keep away from your ex a while and do not arrange to meet or call them. Therein lies the secret! If you want them back then you have to back off a while till things cool off and the ex is more receptive.

Don't show your desperation

While you stay away and refrain from calling too, take control of your emotions and do not let it be known or carried to your ex that you are desperate for them. This is the last thing you'd want them to know. They should sense "out of sight is out of mind".

Prop up your self to be seen

Make the best of this break to prop and prune your self so that you look your wonderful self at the grand presentation of yourself. Your ex will be taken by surprise when they see you now and how good you look.

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Let it be know that you'll be showing up

Let your ex be given the message that you're likely to be coming over to this place for some get together, or some show, or a party or whatever. Your ex too will find a way of coming just to see you or even try to pick up a conversation.

Yes, you should talk

Yes, walk up to your ex and start a healthy conversation as you would with a long lost friend. Ask them how they're doing and what are they doing these days. Do not embark on questions like "have you found someone new" or "are you dating?"

You could follow up with a phone call

Your last meeting could very easily be followed up with a phone call to ask how your ex is and if they're not busy then would they join you for dinner. This way you would be breaking the ice before it's too frozen.

A date to remember

This will be the moment when you can embark upon getting back together once again. If your ex loves you and is equally inclined then it's so easy that you will be surprised how things have worked out.

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After a breakup, a lot of women end up getting emotional and then act accordingly. If you are one of these women, then you probably come up with things to text your ex boyfriend that you later regret, for example.

If your ex boyfriend broke up with your recently, though and you really want him back in your arms ASAP, then you need to make sure you get that second chance. This means that you have to learn exactly what things to text your ex boyfriend that will make him run back into your arms instead of have him see you as nothing but a bitter and desperate ex girlfriend.

Remember: it is never too late to come up with the right things to text your ex boyfriend, even if you have messed up in the past. The important thing is to forget about those mishaps and move on. And, this time, when you send your ex boyfriend a text, make sure you do it with the end goal in mind: to win him back for good.

First, here are some of the things you should never send your ex through text:

Questions about the breakup.

If you keep asking your ex boyfriend why he broke up with you, he will most probably just run further away. Ideally, the breakup shouldn't be discussed at all - least of all over text - as this will show your ex that you are desperate to get back together with him.

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Confessions of your love.

No matter how much you want your ex back, you cannot just tell him upfront that you still love him. This will merely make him ignore your texts altogether. What you need to do is try to come up with trigger texts that will make him want to reply instead. Your confessions of love can come later.

Now, here are some of the things you should send your ex through text:

Private conversations.

Any texts that you and your ex boyfriend send each other should be kept between the two of you. See it as a secret gateway. Once your ex sees how much he can trust you again, he will get hooked on texting you and will soon realize how much he misses having you as his girlfriend.

Strategic messages.

Strategic messages should be the other things to text your ex boyfriend if you want him back in your arms. Just make sure you put a lot of thought into your texts before sending them.

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Are you tossing over in your mind the question of how to get back together after a break up with your ex? Although, you might be pondering of executing a complex plan to make this happen, the fact is that the secret to success is to provide your ex with some space. As hard as it may sound to let go off your ex after the breakup, you have to realize that your chances of success massively depend on this one point.

Offering reconciliation to your ex after the break up might not be the wisest thing that you can do because soon after the breakup your ex will be mad at you, to say the least. In anger and frustration, your ex will be having all sorts of negative thoughts about you and if you try to communicate your sincerity and love during a period of such mental volatility, you can easily guess what will be the outcome.

However, you can make your ex regret his or her decision to break up with you by only leaving your ex alone. Stop calling your ex, don't show up at places where your ex pays regular visits and avoid meeting any common friends. Meanwhile, in a week or two your ex partner will start seeing things straight. It's only when your ex's anger dissipates that he or she will start thinking rationally, and that's when some of your happy memories will find their way in their mind.

They say time is the best healer, and now is the time to apply this ages old saying. Only after a few weeks your ex will start realizing that perhaps he or she overreacted to a trivial matter by breaking up. Your ex partner will start feeling guilty for breaking up so abruptly and treating you roughly and he/she may even call to apologize. And before you even notice you and your ex will get back together again.

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