A YouTube channel without subscribers is a failed enterprise. Competition on YouTube is ferocious, where approximately 5 billion videos are viewed each day.

Sadly, there are no quick fixes when it comes to building an engaged audience of subscribers. Instead, the key to success on platforms like YouTube lies in adopting a multidimensional approach to your content campaign.

There are dozens of avenues to explore for anyone looking to attract subscribers on YouTube.

However, the following eight are by far the most effective - the foundation of any successful YouTube channel:

1) Create the Content your Audience Wants

It sounds obvious, but your strategy should focus exclusively on what your audience wants. Avoid the temptation to focus disproportionately on what you think your channel should feature. Make it all about them - never about you.

2) Post Content Regularly and Consistently

The least attractive YouTube channels of those that sit dormant for long periods of time. The same also applies to those that sporadically publish content with no consistency whatsoever. Predictability is a desirable trait on YouTube. Make sure your audience knows what to expect and when to expect it.

3) Ask Viewers to Subscribe to your Channel

This is the simplest your most effective form of a CTA, which should be exploited to its full potential. Just by asking those who view your content to subscribe, you’re far more likely to gain followers. A few strategically placed reminders can work wonders, but don’t cross the line into desperation.

4) Invite Comments and Always Reply

There’s nothing worse than a YouTube publisher who takes no interest whatsoever in viewers’ comments. Precisely the impression you’ll give off, unless you get into the habit of replying to every comment you receive. Embrace the ‘social’ side of social media, taking every opportunity to communicate with your audience.

5) Create a Killer Channel Trailer

If someone takes an interest in your content, they’ll almost certainly check out your channel page. At which point, they will most likely watch your trailer to see what you have to offer. You now have mere seconds to hook them and get them on board, or lose their interest forever.

6) Avoid Clickbait at all Costs

Clickbait is prolific on YouTube, but this doesn’t make it acceptable. From misleading video titles to thumbnails of no relevance to the content, some publishers will resort to anything to generate clicks. Unfortunately, one sniff of clickbait and you’ll never be taken seriously again. If anything, you will lose the subscribers you already have.

7) Promote Your Channel on Other Platforms

If you have any other active social accounts, use them to your advantage. Promote every video you publish, link to your channel and invite your followers to check you out. If they like what you do elsewhere, they’ll almost certainly like what you do on YouTube.

8) Collaborate with Other Publishers

Finally, collaborating with other publishers could work wonders for your channel. By working with other publishers within your niche, you instantly gain access to their audience. You recommend their channel to your viewers, and they do the same for you in return. Up against the other 31 million YouTube channels currently on the platform, the ‘strength in numbers’ approach can only work in your favour.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Jenkinson is a UK based marketing consultant working for Jenkinson and Associates providing marketing support to businesses