Your newsletter, if done well, takes a good amount of time to write, design the visual presentation and then send out. That’s why finding additional ways to leverage that content to attract clients is a smart business strategy.

While some email management systems offer an automated way to share your newsletter on social media sites, there is more that can be done. These systems provide a link to your entire newsletter, but that might not be the best way for fans to gain access to the content. It’s okay to supplement your sharing, but for some people this provides too much information at once. To avoid overwhelm, it’s easier for followers to see one article at a time.

I’m going to provide a few strategies we put to work. For example, we might write one of these to go along with this blog post:

- A super brief synopsis of the article

- A provocative one-liner from the article

- A nugget of inspiration

- An actionable takeaway

By coming up with several ways to post an update from the same article and link to it, you capture the attention of a wider range of people to attract clients. Not everyone likes to get information the same way, which is why providing different angles helps you reach more of your audience.

Share Bite-Sized Snippets on Social Media.
Offering bite-sized snippets makes it so much easier for your fans to like, share or comment. You’ll get a bigger response and more engagement when you follow this strategy.

Include an Image When You Post.
Another strategy that builds engagement is to post an image with your updates. People love graphics, so include an image or photo whenever you can to capture more attention and attract clients.

Convert Newsletter Articles to Blog Posts.
You can also take your newsletter article and turn it into a blog post. Or shoot a video using the post as your script. These ideas are excellent ways to maximize the use of your.

Each of these repurposing ideas helps you reach as many people as possible and spread your message very efficiently. Sharing the content from your newsletter in as many ways as possible gives you more time for other important marketing activities to attract clients and fill your pipeline.

Your Assignment:
How do you decide what to write about for your newsletter? Rather than having to decide each week, creating a content calendar helps you plan ahead. If you can develop a monthly strategy for what to talk about, the writing will go a lot easier and be more focused. Make time this week to think about what you will write this month to attract clients.

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