By the end of 2017, there were over 700, million active users on Instagram. This means that you must at least make some effort to stand out on Instagram. Whether you are looking to develop a personal brand or just impress people, the ultimate goal is to develop a following. Getting people to like your photos is a sure way of cultivating a following on Instagram. Instagram is largely about visual stories that in this case speak louder than words. The bottom line is that you need to get people to like your photos to develop a following on Instagram. The following are some of the ways in which you can get people to like your photos on Instagram provided by buyiglikesfast:

Be Yourself

People like to see realistic photos that they can relate to. This means that picture-perfect photos are not entirely the best photos to put on Instagram. Don’t get this wrong, picture-perfect photos are okay, but they mostly appeal to the eyes. However, a photo that shows personality and the real you appeals to the emotions. People will most definitely like this kind of photos because they can relate. Whether you are a celebrity or a regular individual, constantly posting picture-perfect photos makes people associate you with the fake and unrealistic. If you want to get more likes on your photos, please make sure they portray your natural and true self.

Ask Questions on Your Captions

Asking questions on your photo captions is an effective way of engaging your followers. When you ask questions, you create a conversational thread that links people to your photos. This will results in likes for you photos even from those who might not take time to reply. You can for instance ask question for advice or even about the lives of your followers.

Like, Follow, and Comment

It goes without saying that you also need a following to have many people liking your photos. You also need to follow other people, like their photos and make genuine and constructive comments on their Instagram photos. Ideally, the more you like, follow, and comment on Instagram the more you get in terms of likes, followers, and comments as well.

Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Captions

Hashtags are a good way of generating likes for your photos. Be sure to include relevant hashtags on your caption to promote likes for your photos. You must therefore take care not to include irrelevant and nonsensical hashtags, as they will work against you. Instagram makes it easier for you to choose an appropriate hashtag. Just start by typing a hashtag and a number of suggestions will pop up to help you make an appropriate choice.

Tell a Story

You can use the combination of photos and captions to tell an interesting story that can draw you a following and plenty of likes. This does not mean you turn a photo caption into a bedtime story book. All you need to do is post a picture that tells a story and then give a short elaboration of the story on the caption. People will most often than not appreciate a well-packaged story with likes.

Stand for Something

Using the combination of Instagram photos and related captions to declare your stand on trending or important social issues is also a sure way to develop a following and plenty of likes. Though they may never say it, people admire strong individuals who can dare take a stand for something. You come across as a hero or inspiration when you declare a stand. While you might get trolled for your stand, there are those who will admire your guts and give you a like.

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