If you want to pursue your music career, Soundcloud is one of the best ways to promote publicity and get supporters. This music and podcast platform has 175 million users and counting. Plenty of music artists are using this platform, whether they’re established already in the music industry or just starting out. Sharing your music with people online is the fastest way to be a successful artist, and Soundcloud lets you do that and more.

One essential thing about Soundcloud is that it helps you captivate the users’ attention and eventually get more followers. More followers mean great exposure, and this means you can easily be searched by others. You may be the most talented music artist out there, but still, there are lots of works to do to get the people’s attention. Here are 6 important tips and guides on how to get more followers on Soundcloud.

1. Optimize your Profile

The first thing people will see is your stage name on Soundcloud. It is important to use a relevant name to avoid confusion and disapproval from the people. Choosing a bad name can make your profile tough to find, so enhance your profile properly. Here are some tips to have an excellent profile:

Choose a name that represents your music brand. If you are a solo artist or a band, pick a marketable stage name. If you’re a music label company, you may include your company’s name.
Take a short unforgettable profile URL. For example, https://soundcloud.com/FireAce
If you can’t get your desired name, be innovative but still include your desired name like https://soundcloud.com/TheFireAce
Don’t be too playful with the name. Keep in mind that it will represent you and your music to the listeners.

2. Promoting to other Social media platforms

Soundcloud is a significant part of advertising yourself to the world. Consider this seriously, and use other platforms to urge your followers to follow you on Soundcloud. Be dedicated and establish your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites that your followers can reach and follow you. The best way to do this is to add your Soundcloud link to these social media platforms.

3. Socialize and Engage

Soundcloud is an ideal place for promoting new music and connecting with followers and other artists. You must socialize with other users in order to gain followers. First, follow other artists’ page. You may comment or share their music if you really like it; they might follow you back. It will be a big boost for your exposure since it’ll help you establish prominent followers.

Interact with the listeners through following them. Through this, they will notice you and your music. Moreover, interact with your followers from other platforms by replying to their comments on your post and giving your Soundcloud link for them to follow. Be consistent in replying to their comments and keep your conversation friendly and relevant.

4. Spend on advertising

If you really want to boost your Soundcloud profile assertively in order to gain more followers, and you have the money to spend, try advertising it to major advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, YouTube, and Facebook Advertising. These platforms work quite similarly. You can arrange your daily payment depending on your budget. Plan how long your ads should be promoted and pick the target market to see your ads. This may cost you a bit of cash at first before reaching your goals, but the results will give you ten folds more.

5. Be in a Group

Another proven way to get more exposure and followers on SoundCloud is to send your songs to different groups. Find groups that are similar to your music style and send your songs to have them posted on the group page. You can find groups based on the genres like hip hop, pop, rock, jazz, etc. Be careful about what songs you will share with the groups because the members of these groups are not following you yet, and they have a rule to “don’t spam”. Once your music has caught the attention of the group, they will likely follow you back and promote your music to their own followers.

6. Produce a Music Video

People are more engaged with watching videos. Let’s admit it; watching music videos is way better than just listening songs. Fans like to share music videos they love to various social media sites with a link to your SoundCloud page. Creating a music video makes it easier for people to recall you, your image, and music. It takes time, resources, and effort to make one, but it’s all worth it. This is one of the most effective ways to get more followers.

7. Upgrade to Pro

If you want to be successful on Soundcloud, get a Pro account. With a Pro account, you can upload more songs and center stage songs; this will give you the analytical data like where and when people are listening to your songs. This will also help you understand your followers more and plan what actions to make to get even more followers.


Like in any other social media platforms, getting more followers on Soundcloud is not an instant process. You should invest time, effort, and resources to get the results that you want. Just focus on your goals and don’t contemplate too much to have your desired results overnight. Stay friendly, genuine, patient, and humble to make it happen.

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