Instagram can be a great platform for your brand and a great chance to build your business. 1 billion of current users make it one of the best place for marketing your brand or service.
Other than the business, you can be famous via Instagram followers.
But do you know, how to get more followers on Instagram? Or how to be Instagram famous? If no, then this article for you.
In this article, I am going to tell you some secret, simple but effective way to get more Instagram followers. What you need to do is to read the entire article and follow the tricks. So without any further talk, let’s get started.

Properly optimized your profile
The first thing you need to do to get Instagram followers is to optimize your profile. Without an optimized, reliable and branded profile, people do not show their interest that much.
So how to optimize the profile?
The first thing is a good name. Pick up a good name that can represent your business or you best. Then add an attractive profile picture, and complete your bio using hashtags, link, a short description of you or your business, action button and your location if you have a business.

Cross promote
Make sure your all existing friends know that you are in Instagram. You can do this with cross promotion. Instagram offers you an option to share your photo with other social media like Facebook, and others. This will help to let your existing fans know that you are in Instagram that might help you get a little bit more exposer.

Share video
Nowadays, people are less likely to read content, rather they love to watch. So share video. The video will help you to reach more people and with the video, you can send the audience a clear message about your product, services or brand.

Ask the audience to tag their fronds
You can ask your audience to tag their friends on your post. If they tag their friends, these friends will know about your brand or you and if they find your brand important, they will follow you. Also, you can ask them to share your content on other social platforms.

Run contest
This is another great way to reach more people and get more followers. What you need to do is to run a contest. You can tell your audience to share a specific content to their all social profile or only Instagram, or you can tell them to tag all of their friends on a given content. He who can tag more friends will win the contest.
With these kinds of contest, you can get a huge amount of followers. And if the contest goes viral, this one contest can change your business as well.

Use hashtags
Using hashtags is another great way to reach more people. When it comes to the caption of the photo or video, hashtags are the best way to create a caption. With general text, add some tags. But remember, do not use too many hashtags that can result in a ban of your account. You are allowed to add a maximum 30 hashtags.
Be funny, be relevant, when putting hashtags on the content.

Participate in the popular conversation
This is another good way to get more followers. Participate in the popular conversation of others, especially in your competitors’ popular conversation. Try to be funny and provide valuable information. This will catch other attention and they might follow you.

Use filters
Use filters in all of your photos. Maybe you don’t know that filtered photos perform better than unfiltered photos. So why will you not use the filter when they enhance the performance, right?

Post regularly
This is the most important thing to do to get more followers. Your audience followed you to get something from you. If you do post regularly, they will be happy. On the other hand, if you do not post regularly, your audience will not get what they want.
You can use some tools to schedule your post. This will help you to post consistently even if you do not have time.

Buy Instagram followers
If you are unable to get Instagram free followers, then don’t panic. There is another way. You can buy Instagram followers as well.
You can buy Instagram followers from Poprey. They offer a good amount of followers at a very affordable price.

Followers are your potential customer. So the more followers you have, the more chances are there for you. I hope, you have understood now how to increase Instagram followers, right? Simply follow all the steps I have mentioned, you will get a lot of followers that can change your business forever. Enjoy. If someone asks you how to get more Instagram followers, tell him to read this article.

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