Today’s strategy from Fabienne for getting more clients, making more money, leveraging your business and enjoying your time off so you work less is about staying in touch.

I find that a lot of entrepreneurs, people like you and me, once they learn how to put in place a client attraction system, it’s all about getting new prospects, getting new leads. Then when they have the new prospects and the new leads, they just don’t do much with them.

This is why I want you to think about staying in touch because 90% of closing the sale can be about staying in touch and taking that person from interest to paying client.

Some people ask me, “How often do you stay in touch with somebody?” I had a woman ask me many years ago, “How do stay in touch without feeling like a gnat, like always bothering them.” I said, “Well, you stay in touch by adding value, but you also stay in touch by always being on their radar screen.”

Think about some things that you have done in the past that have taken somebody from where they were in their interest level and brought them to paying client level. Write some of these things down. I have a list here that I’ve shared with my Gold clients and Platinum clients several times.

I’m going to share some of these things with you. There are 17 things on my list. I’ll share 3 with you. By the way, these are very simple. A lot of the client attraction systems that are available to you are very simple; it’s just that you haven’t made time to do them or you haven’t created systems around them.

I’m going to share 3 of them to you and I want you to write these down and start implementing them because if you made a list of all of the people who have expressed interest in working with you and are not yet paying clients, there would be quite a few people. You can use some of these strategies to move them forward.

One of the very first ways for you to stay in touch without seeming like you’re trying to get something is just to send them unexpected notes. Send unexpected notes. It could be, “I saw you on Facebook. Congratulations on your award,” or “I saw this article and was thinking about you,” or just a note, any note but in the mail. I think people are too used to getting things by email. How different you would seem from everyone else if they actually received something from you in the mail.

Another thing is actually to send them a little gift. Send somebody something really nice that is personal. It shows that you know about them, that you care about them and it’s not something that everybody is getting, with a little note. Perhaps it’s a book that really resonates with them and you sign something in the beginning. It’s really heartfelt and you mean what you said in the book, then you will be on their radar screen and they’ll really pay attention to you.

Another thing that you can do is to invite a prospect to a talk that you’re giving. They may already know you but they may not have seen you in action. That’s another thing that you can do to move the process along.

The more of these things that you can do on a regular basis, the more it will seem to the prospect that it’s a sign that they should be working with you. In fact it is. If you’re thinking about them and you’re caring for them, then these are absolutely valuable things to be doing in your business.

If you can automate them or systematize them or have a process for this, a verifiable, repeatable process for doing this with many prospects and turning them into paying clients, the better for you.

Your assignment for today is to make a list of all those people who have expressed interest in working with you but haven’t turned into paying clients yet and find some ways to stay in touch regularly.

And your extra credit assignment is creating a system around that because it doesn’t matter what level in business you are. You could be just starting out. This is going to be hugely valuable for you. If you’re already making very good money, the key is to systematize it so that it doesn’t all depend on you.

Pay it forward. Let your friends know and get this client attraction information in as many hands as possible.

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