Why are you in business? Hopefully, you enjoy what you do, however, is it because you want to make money so that you can have, be and do more in your life?

Who pays you? Your clients do and never forget that. Unfortunately, many people do. They take your money and then vanish off the face of the earth. Also, if you do hear from them you know they are only trying to sell something or business is not going well. The silly thing is, if you look after the hand that feeds you, they will look after you.

Keep in regular contact with your clients, particularly the top 20% (both current and past) who have provided you with the most income.

Still, keep in touch with the others via newsletters, etc. However, the top 20% of very special clients need extra attention.

A monthly "how're things?" call. Find out how life is treating them, without expecting to sell anything.

Send the occasional gift or book, tape, movie tickets. Thank them for their business. When special times of the year occur, send them a Christmas Hamper, New Year's Calendar, Easter eggs at Easter. Little things which show you care.

When you get referrals, reward the referee with a thank you card or gift.

Do what most people in business don't do. You will be amazed that if you consistently (that is the key word here) make the extra effort, you will continue to get repeat business or more referrals.

My Story

For the past two years, I had engaged the services of two separate property managers to look after our investment properties. The property manager of the company no. 1 was never pro-active. The only time he spoke with me was when I initiated contact because I had a query or was unhappy about their services. The company no. 2 was precisely the same except that they kept in touch via a newsletter which was of no use to me as it didn't mention anything about property management. Mostly the information was about properties being sold.

It was fascinating that both property managers contacted me only when they had been notified by my new property management company that their services were no longer required. In fact, both of them were very upset. Were they upset? I'm the one who was paying them, not the other way around. They both wanted to know why I was changing, and I indeed told them.

When the new property manager inspected one of the properties, the tenants were home. They told my new property manager that the old company provided abysmal service and they were very slow following up any problems they had. I told that to the old company, and the manager replied:

"tenants always say that."

Anyhow the point of this story is to spell out that because people don't say anything, doesn't mean they are happy with your services. Also as a business person, you need to be on the ball. Be pro-active, not reactive. So to do all of this you need to learn how to get organized, manage your time and yourself as effectively as possible. These are not skills most people are born with. They need to be learned.

The Final Word

There is plenty of business around; however, most people spend heaps of time chasing it, take the money and run off to the next person. It would be so much easier to look after what you already have. (And the same applies to your personal life.)

Author's Bio: 

Mark Lamplugh is a fourth-generation firefighter and former captain with the Lower Chichester (PA) Fire Company. Mark is President of the board for the Institute for Responder Wellness. Mark owns Influence Media Solutions (https://www.influencemediasolutions.com) which is his own Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Branding, Business Development and Social Media company. He advises companies such as Fountain Hills Recovery & Lionrock Recovery about first responder programs.. He just published his first book “Beginners Guide to Digital & Social Media” which is available on Amazon. Mark is a professional advocate for the behavioral and mental health of firefighters and other first responders. He’s been involved in the creation of several responder specific treatment programs and is one of the leading experts in bringing these programs to responders. Lamplugh hosts his own talk show called "Firefighter Wellness Radio". He has published dozens of articles on responder wellness topics and is recognized by the American Acadamy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. He has helped hundreds of responders with getting help for behavioral & mental health issues. He can be reached for comment at ceo@influencemediasolutions.com