There is no doubt that customer reviews influence a buyer to a great extent. Most of the online buyers hesitate to buy if a product has no customer feedback. And if there is even a single negative review, then many of them do not purchase at all. That is how positive feedbacks and sales go with each other.

To get more reviews on Amazon to increase your sales, you need to request your customers to drop a review after receiving the order. You have to write an impressive feedback request slip to maximize Amazon reviews.

The review request slip

While creating a feedback request, focus on personalizing the subject line and request including the name of the buyer, product and channel. It will help to make a relationship with your buyers. Ask them if the product, order process, and delivery are satisfactory. Do not ask directly for positive feedback. You have to formulate your concern to make them feel happy to leave a positive review. You can simply provide a link for feedback. You may request the customer to contact you directly to resolve their concern if there is an issue.

Sending the review request slip

After completing the review request letter, now it is time to send it. Here is how you should move ahead to send the letter.

Set the time: Time is a very important factor to ask for a review and get a positive reply. You should send the request when the customer is capable to use the product and comfortable to drop feedbacks on it.

Customer selection: You should select only those customers, whom you trust, to send a request for the feedback. You can decide them on your selling performance. If you have delivered the right product, on time with world class packaging, then surely you can go ahead to select that particular customer.

Product selection: You should select the product that has impressive records on its previous sale. Do not ask for a review on low performing or fragile products. You should go for asking for reviews on products that can surely earn more feedback to attract more sale.

Enhance your packaging with value addition: Before requesting a review, you should be able to add value to your packaging. Provide your customer resources such as free e-book related to your product, videos demonstrating the use of the product and instruction manuals and tutorials etc. You can add coupons to enhance the packaging.

Work on negative feedback: If you receive any negative feedback, you should apologize for it. Keep your tone soft and promise them to rectify the issue. Do it personally so that your customer can feel good for raising the issue and get it solved. It will help you in getting reviews on your future business with the customer.

Sending just an email requesting for a review may not work faster. You should make your feedback strategy focusing on orders by product type, customer type, destination etc. Put your time to formulate a plan for the same. You may approach professional experts for suggestions that can help you get more reviews and drive sales.
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