Subscriptions, retail versions – there are many easy ways to buy Microsoft Office.

Savvy shoppers have found a way to buy office 2016 license at an affordable price, allowing you access to the full Office suite, without the price tag, giving you a third, and budget friendly option.   Here we weight up the differences to help you make a decision on what is right for you.

Office 2016 for sale

Office 2016 Professional Plus CD key is a Global Key, giving you access to classic Office apps plus Outlook, OneDrive, Publisher and Access1.  Best of all, at a really low price, you can buy office 2016 license and get access to all you need for less.

At £28.63 through CDKOffers, if you’re looking for the most cost effective option without cutting corners, we think you shouldn’t look any further.

For those who want to compare the costs with your more classic options, let’s have a look at Office 365 (Microsoft’s subscription option, billed annually or each month) and the current Office retail version, Office Home & Business 2019.

Office 365

Microsoft have offered their subscription version of Office, 365, for a number of years now.  You’ll always be using the latest version of the Office suite. Simply pay the agreed amount at your regular billing cycle, and have access to the latest Microsoft Office applications.

Prices vary, starting at £59.99 per year for single, personal use, increasing in price for multiple users.  The low entry point might be tempting, but the payments are recurring.

Office retail version

For those after the “old school” experience of making a one off purchase, and using the programs for years, the regular payments of a subscription can be off-putting.  Office Home & Business 2019 is currently available for a one-time purchase of £249.99, also increasing in price for multiple users.

This is the old school way of purchasing office, but the high entry point may put you off, especially when you consider that the version will not be supported forever.

Is there a catch if I buy office 2016 license?

Office 2016 comes with all the powerhouse programs you need to complete your work -Outlook, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are all included.

Your Office suite will be bound to the one computer, but if it is time for you to upgrade to a new computer, of course you can still save and access all your existing files, but you won’t be able to transfer your office suite over.

CDKoffers can get you started on office at a really affordable entry price, which is why we think this the best option for those on a budget.

So is it the best option for you?

With Office 2016 for sale, if you’re planning on using your computer long term, and don’t want to pay full price for a retail version of Microsoft - or a recurring billing option doesn’t seem right for you – it might be time to buy office 2016 license, it’s a great option that will give you access to all the Office applications you need to get your work done.

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