What is positive perspective? Well positive perspective is just another name for re-framing. Re-framing in other words is the art of looking at a negative situation in a more positive light. An excellent and funny example of re-framing is in the film The Jerk. In the film Steve Martin's character Navin Johnson assumes he is famous because his name is in the telephone directory. He rants excitedly to his grumpy boss: "I'm somebody now! Millions of people read this book!" His character is a poorly paid gas attendant who sleeps in the gas station's storeroom with no windows. (On a good point though the storeroom is adjacent to the men's room which mean he doesn't have to go far if he is caught short). The point I am making is that can you imagine if we all could look at life in the same way we would all count our blessings more and stop moaning so much. I am not saying we should all be so, how can I put it, naive, like Navin Johnson though it would not hurt any of us to have a more positive perspective on the way we think.

The fact is some people are more open to positive thinking and they have the ability to see the best in everything even in a negative situation. A good example of someone who faced adversary with courage is hostage negotiator Terry Waite, special envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was kidnapped in Lebanon and was held hostage for 1760 days. Even after his ordeal he is still in the public eye speaking at conferences about such subjects as how being in very stressful and potentiality dangerous situations can help you build a more strong mind, body and spirit. He also doesn't hold any grudges against his captors and he still is a human rights campaigner. Of course not everyone can be as strong as Terry Waite though his inner strength is something we should all aim to achieve.

The fact is When you are capable of re-framing the negatives in your life you will automatically become a more pleasant person to be around. Like at this particular moment while I am writing this article I am experiencing computer problems which is irritating, and I could get mad, but I know it would be pointless because what would it gain me - probably a headache!

Here are a few exercises to get a new belief generator:

1. Visualize another you' standing in front of you. A 'you' which holds the beliefs that you would like to have, i.e. you may believe that you are really confident,and motivated person, etc.

2. Visualize what the other 'you' is able to achieve with its beliefs, i.e. is the other 'you' motivated and a go getter? Maybe the other 'you' is really confident and full of energy?

3. Visualize the other 'you' showing you how it handles its beliefs. How does the other 'you' behave? How does it talk to itself? How does it move? Etc.... If it's not how you want to be yourself, change it to how you would like to be. When you are satisfied with the how the other 'you' behaves, step into the other 'you' and become it.

4. Think of a situation you would like to see from your new perspective? Ask yourself what's it like having this new perspective and what goals can you achieve with it.

5. For a couple of weeks act as if your new perspective is true. It may feel false at first, but keep on doing it because it will teach your subconscious mind to listen to you and help it re-programme itself to believing that you have a new positive perspective.

So don't delay in getting a new positive perspective that will make you a new and dynamic person who knows what they want to achieve in their life.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in hypnosis, NLP and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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